Cover Your Customer’s SaaS

As an MSP, protecting your client’s data is a top priority. Whether that data lives on a personal computer, a physical server, or in the cloud, it must be safe and accessible.

Today, many businesses rely on SaaS applications to store data, whether it’s Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, or any other number of applications. While each of these platforms offer some backup and data protection, it isn’t enough to give you or your clients the peace of mind that could be achieved via a third-party backup solution. No matter where it lives, data needs to be available around the clock to ensure the operational success and continuity of a business.

More and more each day, data that once lived in basements and backrooms is being moved to cloud-based servers and SaaS applications. Historically, data backup has always been a key component of any IT strategy – whether it was stored on floppy disks, duplicate servers, or in custom-built applications. With this shift to the cloud, backup shouldn’t be taken out of the strategy; rather, it should be re-thought to be more adaptable and cost-effective – the same reason your clients moved to the cloud in the first place.

SaaS Data: What Can Go Wrong

It is a common misconception is that all cloud data is backed up. However, some of the most popular SaaS applications can’t defend against the greatest threats to the data. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Accidental deletion and user error
  • Over-writing data via third party apps
  • Malicious actions (disgruntled employee, hacker)

A recent Gartner Report on cloud data loss prevention further enforces this necessity and highlights the biggest threats to SaaS data. Gartner’s key findings determined the threats to cloud data are too great, and recommend businesses leverage a third-party backup tool to properly protect a business from data loss or corruption. By adopting a third-party solution, like Datto Backupify, businesses gain greater flexibility and control over the data.

SaaS Data Protection: Secrets to Success

Make sure you take a layered approach to protecting your client’s data. Good data management processes involve procedures, policies and checklists specific to SaaS applications. Prior to attaining access, users should be thoroughly trained in SaaS applications for business as well as data security best practices. These measures help minimize the instances when data is lost, however, none will be able to replace the data once it’s gone. That is why having an automated daily backup such as Datto’s Backupify solution for Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce, can help businesses “set it and forget it.”

In 2016, having a backup and restore solution in place for all business data is essential. The result is that the information is readily available when it's needed, including in the instance of user error and deletion, allowing companies to easily restore data with minimal business interruption.

For more information on why businesses need cloud-to-cloud backup, download Datto’s eBook, Making The Case For Cloud-To-Cloud Backup, and share with your clients.

Rob Rae is VP of Business Development at Datto Inc. Read more Datto blogs here.