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3 Red Flags That Signal it’s Time for a New BDR Vendor

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It can feel overwhelming for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to consider a change in vendor. Many fall victim to vendor sprawl to avoid what they believe will be a long and arduous process. Unfortunately, taking on more vendor management responsibilities – rather than confronting the reality of a solution or relationship gone sour – can add significant costs without adding value. Consider the following three red flags that it's time to move on, and see how taking advantage of the moment can serve you long-term.

Red Flag #1: They're not focused on MSPs.

As vendors grow, some start looking outside the channel for expansion opportunities. You may have been sold on MSP dedication with you signed your original contract, but over the years, you notice vendors looking another direction. Some familiar signs include lagging response times, they're not willing to work with you on pricing, or develop the technologies your clients need, support interactions can become negative, account representatives change frequently, and overall service declines. We've even heard of one vendor adding a new fee for 24/7 support!

While your vendor focuses on new developments for their business, you and your clients are left with legacy technology and solutions that no longer meet today's backup and disaster recovery (BDR) demands. As an MSP, it's best for you to choose vendors who are 100% MSP focused. Channel-only vendors understand not only the risks you and your clients are up against, but they have the modern tools necessary to restore data no matter what.

Who is your vendor splitting their time between, and how does it affect the value you're able to deliver to clients?

Red Flag #2: They're slowly but surely becoming more expensive.

Storage has always been a pain point for MSPs, but surprise overages and inflexible pricing plans are a waste of your time and money. Every time you get hit with an unexpected charge, you have to go to your clients and explain their higher bill. This amounts to uncomfortable conversations, frustrated clients, and a hit to your reputation. All the while, your vendor is growing profits without increasing value.

In our data-based world, storage and retention should be unlimited. Technology upgrades and new features should be turned on by default. Multiple layers of security, ransomware rollback, and automated tools should be included. And last but not least, pricing should be simple. Your vendor is supposed to be invested in making your MSP a success, and that means equipping you with the best BDR solutions available. Insecure vendors with undesirable solutions often hide behind complex billing processes hoping no one will notice. Make sure your vendor feels like an extension of your internal team – not something detracting from your growth.

What do you get for what you pay for? When was the last time your bill increased and why?

Red Flag #3: They're requiring a rip and replace.

Technology upgrades that require a rip and replace can be expensive and labor intensive. If that's your only option for gaining the latest in BDR, it's a great time to explore your options. Hardware purchases, multiple on-sight visits to deploy appliances and seed data, risky cutover windows between the uninstall of the old, and good backups on the new present a number of challenges and necessary resources. Innovation is key to keeping clients protected from the sophisticated and complex malware attacks you're up against, but at the speed we're moving, new solutions need to be accessible fast.

Chain-free technology delivers upgrades and modernization without reboots, replacements, or extra expenses. Direct-to-Cloud hardware-free BDR eliminates appliances from the equation. Designed to simply the process of changing over, you simply deploy the agent through your RMM tools silently, configure your back up schedule, and let it do its thing. With chain-free you can quickly start backup up data without server reboots or deactivating your existing backup products. Once Direct-to-Cloud is up and running, easily remove other backup agents and enjoy automatic, reboot-free upgrades as new features deploy.

What do you have to do to remain competitive in the channel and keep clients protected?

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