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Podcast: Webroot CTO Hal Lonas on Machine Learning’s Implications for MSPs

Webroot CTO Hal Lonas

Welcome to the latest ChannelE2E podcast. Tonight’s guest is Hal Lonas, CTO of Webroot.

We open the conversation with a quick overview of Webroot’s security focus for MSPs. Then we dive into a conversation about machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and what it all means for MSPs that are moving into the cybersecurity market.

Here’s the conversation:

The conversation covers:

  • 0:00: Greetings and introductions
  • 0:28: A quick overview of Webroot’s market focus for MSPs
  • 2:55: Machine learning and artificial intelligence: The same or different? Lonas explains
  • 5:52: How real is machine learning today?
  • 7:01: Examples of machine learning and security
  • 9:04: MSP solutions as learning systems
  • 9:34: Do MSPs have to become machine learning and AI experts?
  • 11:18: Will MSPs get overwhelmed by security alerts
  • 13:03: The connection machine learning and automation — and making the MSP the hero
  • 13:54: Can machine learning and automation close the cybersecurity skills gap?
  • 15;40: Can a help desk technician be the point person for an MSP starting in security?
  • 17:00: Where listeners can find more information
  • 18:46: Conculsion

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