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Podcast: VIPRE’s Jason Norton on MSP Security Services

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Our guest: VIPRE’s Jason Norton

Good evening and welcome to the latest ChannelE2E podcast. Our guest is Jason Norton, product marketing director of security at VIPRE.

In our conversation, we discuss VIPRE’s journey with multi-tenant cybersecurity services for MSPs; the company’s broader offerings and how they fit together for partners; and some first steps for partners getting started in the cybersecurity market.

Note: The podcast was originally recorded the week of October 21 — one week before the ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2019 conference.

Now, here’s the conversation…

Podcast: Listen Here…

The conversation covers:

  • 0:00 – Overview and introductions.
  • 0:30 – VIPRE Site Manager – Multi-tenant management for MSPs.
  • 2:30 – What can MSPs actually manage within the Site Manager dashboard?
  • 4:45 – VIPRE Endpoint Security for cloud-based protection.
  • 5:17 – MSPs under attack — how VIPRE has evolved to mitigate those risks. For instance, where 2FA (two-factor authentication) fits in.
  • 6:15 – Partnering with ConnectWise to lock-down RMM (remote monitoring and management). Plus Mac Support
  • 7:00 – More browser protection, DNS filtering, options for end-user awareness training and more.
  • 8:50 – How endpoint protection, email security, and threat protection fit together for MSPs.
  • 11:20 – Email security suite surfaces at ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2019.
  • 13:00 – VIPRE’s rankings in security tests, and machine learning capabilities.
  • 13:35 – VIPRE SafeSend and data loss prevention (DLP) — where the technology fits into the partner mix.
  • 15:15 – VIPRE acquisitions and the channel-first focus.
  • 16:20 – Ransomware attacks and MSPs — are we seeing raised partner awareness?
  • 18:00 – How Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and personal security tactics can mitigate risks.
  • 19:50 – VIPRE — how partners can start with one or two components through free trials.
  •  21:32 – Are all VIPRE services activated through Site Manager?
  • 22:15 – First steps for MSPs that want to get started with MSPs.

Note: Podcast originally published October 30, 2019.

More Cybersecurity Resources for MSPs

During the podcast, Norton mentioned the company’s partner page (www.VIPRE.com/partners), the ConnectWise Marketplace, his personal email address ([email protected]) for your questions.

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