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ChannelE2E Podcast 065: Cisco, CompTIA on IoT Partner Opportunities

Ken Trombetta

Ken Trombetta

Todd Thibodeaux

Todd Thibodeaux

Good evening, channel partners. Welcome to ChannelE2E Podcast 065 — co-hosted by Content Czar Joe Panettieri and CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux. Our guest is Ken Trombetta, VP of Cisco’s Global Partner Organization.

During this conversation, we dive into emerging Internet of Things opportunities for channel partners — including training, security, vertical markets and more. Trombetta explains how partners can extend from their current focus areas (such as data center, wireless or security expertise) and push into the IoT market. Plus, Thibodeaux weighs in with real-world IoT application examples that already surround us.

This is the first in a multi-part podcast series, in which CompTIA and ChannelE2E explore the evolving partner ecosystem with a range of channel leaders.

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    Bob Biddle:

    So glad to see the IofT discussion resonating in the channel ecosystem as it is a game changer across networking, security, and so much more. The IoT architecture transition is creating a connected world where services that were once delivered by wires and ports to one where services are delivered (most often wirelessly) based on the Identity of the Device.

    As this architecture grows it will control far more than your thermostat or kitchen appliances or new media devices. An example is industrial level IofT for manufacturing environments that is bringing a new realm of automation and control to the factory floor. Apps that control these fast growing ecosystems will likely leverage embedded hardware security to register these devices and ensure only the right processes are performed.

    Securing the device identity and messaging/communication to/from said device is what provides the foundation for securing the Internet of Things. The channel abounds with opportunity in this fast evolving market.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Bob: I gotta concede that I was happy to hear real-world examples from both Todd and Ken, rather than “theoretical” examples that haven’t quite rolled out yet. Please keep us posted as Rivetz gains momentum in the IoT ecosystem as well.

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