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After Nines Inc. is set to launch a ChannelE2E podcast series on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Here’s what to expect from these new, exclusive conversations.

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Tune in Tuesday nights (9:01 p.m. ET/6:01 p.m. PT) for exclusive conversations with IT entrepreneurs and IT service providers that launched, built, funded and/or exited successful technology businesses. Note: You can also check out our classic podcast series — Good Evening I.T. Entrepreneurs — which are archived and available on the After Nines Inc. website. Those conversations were focused on the IT entrepreneur experience — though we did not dive into channel-centric discussions.

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Our podcast guests educate IT entrepreneurs and IT service providers about business development, management, transformation, partnering, growth and exits. Each CEO, executive or financial advisor personally drove:

  • Company Launches — vision, mission, passion.
  • Funding Stages — boot strap, friends and family, angel investments and venture capital.
  • Expansions — core team building, process building, automation, partnering and/or channel strategy.
  • Exits and transformations — IPOs, mergers, acquisitions and private equity deals.

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For podcast sponsorship information, email Amy Katz, president and CEO, After Nines Inc. Guest bookings are handled privately. RSS and Apple iTunes information coming soon. We look forward to bringing you the best and brightest technology business builders Tuesday nights at 9:01 p.m. ET./6:01 p.m. PT.

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