is a unified PSA+RMM tool, that’s built for today’s IT problems. We’ve built an MSP platform that

  • unifies your favorite tools and is powerful (like an iPhone)
  • has a human-centric design that’s progressive (it’s as easy as booking a cab)
  • is AI-powered (so work gets done when you are asleep)

Let’s take the boring out of MSP software. And say HI to an MSP platform sans all the complications.

Easy to sign-up, easier to migrate.

  • Free for all solo MSP owners
  • Free provides free onboarding and doesn’t charge a penny for migrating from your existing tools.
  • 24*5 is happy to serve all our paid customers 24*5 via live chat, phone, and email.
  • Transparent pricing– What you see on our pricing page, is what you pay 🙂
  • No contracts, no ‘tie-ins’- you control how you pay us. No long-term contracts or tie-ins.
  • Integrations with leading tools used by your MSP. Ex- Team viewer, Splash-top, QuickBooks


It’s so good, you want to see it for yourself!

  • One for all, all-in-one. If you can dream it, you can do it. is the only unified PSA+RMM tool that will take the pain out of your everyday tasks. No more switching between five tools to complete one simple task. Ticketing, Automations, client management, alert management, patch management asset management, project management– you name it, we have it :).
  • Get tasks done while you’re asleep. Automation sits at the center of everything we are building at Our platform is designed to save at least three man-hours every week. That’s six days of vacation!
  • Draws you in, blows your mind. Our platform’s human-centered design is beautiful and easy on the eyes. Everything looks better, feels better — you wish you had more stuff to do (just to hang out in the platform).
  • We try harder. We don’t have the legacy of older tools. We’re not ‘veterans’ in the space. And for that reason, we cannot afford to be complacent. We will always try harder to ensure we deliver value- day in and day out.

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