Top 100 Technology Predictions for 2018 Impacting Channel Partners, MSPs

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Randy Bowie

20. A major challenge SMBs will face in 2018 is complexity, as many of the applications small business use are moving to the cloud. That means access from anywhere, which is great, but it also can mean more accounts to keep up with and data spanning from the cloud to on-premise.  At least for now, that means more to manage and more to protect.

This year we saw more cloud-based disaster recoveries than ever in the history of BDR at Continuum. This was driven by natural disasters at a time when small business is more dependent on IT than ever. I think we will see this trend continue in 2018, as cloud disaster recovery is a necessity for a growing number of businesses. Backup of cloud-based services, such as e-mail and productivity applications will continue growing as these applications continue moving off premise.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are still the triad of data security and compliance.  BDR solutions will be viewed more in this light than ever before.  A solution which cannot demonstrate protection from unauthorized access, data tampering, while providing ready access to authorized users is simply not viable. Long-term data retention driven by compliance will continue to benefit from the expansion of highly durable and secure long-term storage options from Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM and others. These technologies also provide a good alternative for offsite backup. SourceRandy Bowie, Vice President of Backup Products & Engineering, Continuum.

Tasos Solakis

19. Cyber disaster recovery services and cyber security services will have the highest growth and highest margins for the MSPs. Data migration from existing hosted applications to cloud offering other than Office 365 will become significant by the end of 2018. International markets will see growth in the traditional MSP services space and will lag the U.S. market in the cloud service offerings. On the other hand, international will have similar demand to the US market on cybersecurity services. The international market had worse experiences with malware in 2017 than the US market and demand for security prevention, detection and remediation services will increase in 2018. In the new year, MSPs will also have the opportunity to offer consulting services and migration services for the cloud solutions with higher margins than their existing RMM offerings. Focusing on specific vertical markets will be critical to the MSPs success. SourceTasos Tsolakis, Senior Vice President of Global Service Delivery, Continuum.

18. Digital Currency: Michael Novogratz Predicts Bitcoin at $40,000 by Late 2018.

2018 Technology Predictions from StorageCraft

Doug Brockett

Doug Brockett, president of StorageCraft, offers these three predictions:

17. Data Overload and what it will mean: Organizations are going to find themselves choking on the volume of data they are expected to back up. The problem will scale outside of traditional architectures.  This represents a huge vulnerability when faced with recovery scenarios.  As such, there will be a marked increase in the need and demand to bring data intelligence, reduction and increased performance to solve the back-up and recovery problems.

16. Intelligent next-gen storage: Storage will become self-managing as intelligence and analytics are added to the software stack.  Intelligence will help organizations segment their infrastructure and know what is critical vs. non-critical data and where to store it based on business rules and policies. This will help radically improve data backup and recovery in terms of SLA, RPO and RTO.

15. Convergence between primary and secondary storage will accelerate and extend the data infrastructure: All flash storage and recovery architectures will become an accessible and practical solution. They will be massively scalable and affordable with performance capabilities that deliver instant recovery from secondary back up at the same performance as primary.  Convergence will extend the data infrastructure from on-prem through VM and the cloud, with cloud recovery capabilities that allow instant recovery from VMs or on-prem in minutes vs hours.

2018 Predictions From IR

UC experts at IR offer up these predictions:

14. Digital transformation will reach the moment of truth. After years of investing in digital transformation initiatives, companies will finally have to demonstrate a concrete ROI in 2018. Organizations that have rushed ahead with projects that are not delivering ROI, or worse, are resulting in a poor customer experience, will gain public notoriety and suffer damage to their brand.

13. Adoption of UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) will accelerate, but most enterprises will opt for a hybrid model.  Organizations have discovered that moving to the cloud does not have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Over the next several years, the hybrid approach will remain popular, transitioning some systems to the cloud while continuing to run others on their on-premises infrastructure.

12. Artificial intelligence will greatly improve the customer experience. Consumers are increasingly connecting with AI assistants like Siri, Cortana and Alexa in their daily lives. It’s only a matter of time before these kinds of bots will be accepted in a business environment.

2018 Predictions From CloudJumper

CloudJumper specializes in workspace as a service for MSPs. The company’s predictions include…

11. Migration from private to public cloud infrastructure: While private cloud environments deliver a type of cloud computing that is similar to public clouds, they also require sophisticated virtualization, technical automation, resource monitoring, and many other expensive resources. Compared to a private cloud, the most obvious benefit to using a public cloud is the savings. With a public cloud, organizations do not have to purchase, install, operate, or maintain servers or other equipment as they would with private clouds. As organizations seek to reduce their annual IT spend, public clouds offer a viable alternative that CloudJumper expects to grow significantly in 2018.

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