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Cisco Acquires Cmpute for Cloud Optimization, Cost Management Services

Amid all the talk about overspending on cloud services, numerous tools have surfaced to help analyze and control costs. Still, managing pure cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services isn't easy.

Aware of those challenges, Cisco Systems is acquiring -- a company that has offered cloud optimization capabilities since 2012. The deal comes amid an urgent need for MSPs and channel partners to extend beyond infrastructure to address application performance management, ChannelE2E has pointed out multiple times. The buyout also arrives about a week after HP Enterprise unveiled OneSphere -- a multi-cloud management platform.

Cmpute's focus extends across four key application parameters - cost, performance, time and availability. The company helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) users achieve on-demand availability at spot pricing. The company claims that their SaaS based platform enables AWS customers to save up to 87% by optimally balancing, sizing, and automating the management of compute resources over AWS On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot EC2 instances. recently released an infographic outlining the cost savings their customers are experiencing on AWS. Within the graphic, the company highlighted that customers saw an average savings of 73% on AWS as compared to On-Demand. Customers of also saw a savings of 86% by launching spot instances across AWS regions.

Cmpute works by running within your AWS account and uses restricted IAM role access to manage your AWS infrastructure. You don't have to share your AWS Access and Secret keys in order to use the system. Cmpute also has an advanced algorithm that dynamically and continuously makes the best instance choices optimized for performance, availability and cost without intervention, the company claims.

In a multi=cloud world, customers need to budget, buy and consume differently.’s team and technology will add new capabilities to Cisco CloudCenter and accelerate delivery of cost-optimization features for customers, Cisco claims.

Of course, we're curious to know: Can partners count on a multi-tenant version of Cmpute? We'll also be watching to see how Cmpute potentially integrates with AppDynamics -- the analytics and application performance monitoring (APM) platform Cisco acquired earlier this year.

Down in the SMB channel, Cisco has been making progress with MSPs. A recent relationship with ConnectWise, announced at Cisco Partner Summit 2017 and reinforced at IT Nation 2017, has attracted interest from scores of partners, ChannelE2E has heard.

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