M&A List: 65 SAP Consulting Partner Mergers, Acquisitions for MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity Expertise

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Here are SAP partner M&A deals 40 through 21

40. June 2021: Managed cloud provider Syntax, backed by private equity firm Novacap, acquired Illumiti.

39. May 2021: Univerus acquired SAP Partner Blue Ocean Systems.

38. May 2021: Rizing, backed by private equity firm One Equity Partners, acquired Attune.

37. April 2021: Syntax, backed by private equity firm Novacap, acquired Linke, which provides SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

36. April 2021: Pythian acquired ManageServe.

35. March 2021: SoftwareONE acquired ITPC, an SAP specialist in Zurich, Switzerland.

34. March 2021: Sapphire Systems acquired In Cloud Solutions, an SAP Business ByDesign partner.

33. February 2021: LSI Consulting merged with Invenio.

32. February 2021: Accenture acquired Edenhouse.

31. January 2021: SoftwareONE acquired Optimum Consulting, an SAP partner in  Louisville, Kentucky (USA) and with operations in India, Optimum.

30. January 2021: NTT Data Systems acquired My Supply Chain Group.

29. January 2021: Sapphire Systems, backed by private equity firm Horizon Capital, acquired SAP Business One partner Pioneer B1.

28.  November 2020: IBM acquired TruQua Enterprises for SAP S/4 HANA ERP consulting and software development expertise.

27. November 2020: Navisite acquired Dickinson+Associates, an SAP applications consulting firm in Chicago.

26. October 2020: PwC acquired Tyconz’s Enterprise Business Applications Operations.

25. October 2020: Accenture acquired Zag.

24. September 2020: Accenture acquired SALT Solutions AG.

23. August 2020: Deloitte acquired Keytree.

22. August 2020: Globant acquired gA, an Oracle and SAP partner focused on digital and cloud transformation services.

21. March 2020: SAP partner EPI-USE acquired Afonza.

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    [email protected]:

    Please share the M & A deals which are happening in the SAP Space

    Joe Panettieri:

    Thanks for your note. All of the briefs above link to deeper details about each deal. Please let me know what type of M&A details you’re seeking.

    Joe [at] AfterNines [dot] com


    You are missing two SoftwareONE acquisitions. ITPC in Switzerland and Optimum IT in the US. 😉

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Daniel: Thank you for the two items. We’ve added both deals to the list. See items 31 and 34.


    Tyler Constable:

    Great post Joe! Thank you for sharing this interesting information to us all as well as providing links for further details!

    Joe Panettieri:

    Tyler: Thanks for your note and readership. Please keep us updated re: Avantra’s business milestones.



    Do you also track the sell side bankers who represented each of these SAP deals?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Steven: Thanks for your note. We haven’t created a dedicated list of bankers involved in each SAP partner deal. But some of our individual stories mentions those parties. Based on your comment (and similar emails I’ve received), we’ll strive to include that information in all of our M&A coverage going forward.


    Stephen Smith:

    This would be valuable information.

    Also missed the 2021 acquisition of LSI consulting by Invenio Inc.


    Joe Panettieri:

    Stephen: Thanks for the note. We’ve added the LSI/Invenio deal to the list.


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