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M&A List: 106 Salesforce Cloud Consulting Partner Mergers and Acquisitions

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Salesforce ($CRM) cloud consulting partners remain in acquisition mode, buying each other worldwide. Private equity and venture capital firms have also jumped into the market from time to time, pumping money into Salesforce ISVs (independent software vendors) and MSPs (managed IT services providers).

Note: Originally published July 2, 2019 and updated regularly thereafter. The list of Salesforce partner mergers, acquisitions, funding, investment and private equity deals now includes:

106. November 2022: CitiusTech acquired Wilco Source.

105. November 2022: OSF Digital acquired Oegon.

104. October 2022: KKR acquired Ness.

103. October 2022: Neostella acquired Work-Relay.

102. October 2022: Strata Information Group (SIG) acquired akaCRM.

101. October 2022: Interpublic Group (IPG) acquired RafterOne.

100. September 2022: NTT Data acquired Apisero.

99. September 2022: Perficient acquired Inflection Point Systems.

98. September 2022: Private equity firm Kelso and Company acquired Emtec.

97. September 2022: Cloud Mentor acquired BeSpokean, a cloud consulting firm and Filevine partner.

96. September 2022: Capgemini acquired Aodigy Asia Pacific.

95. August 2022: Accscient acquired Vyom Group, a digital transformation consulting business that supports BMC, Salesforce and Mendix customers.

94. August 2022: Dentsu Group acquired Extentia and tucked the company into Merkle.

93. August 2022: Deloitte Canada acquired mid-market Salesforce cloud consultancy Nubik Inc.

92. August 2022: Diabsolut acquired Emelar Consulting Group.

91. July 2022: Accelirate acquired Eshia Solutions, a Salesforce Mulesoft integrator.

90. July 2022: Provisions Group acquired Insight Powered.

89. July 2022: Mastek acquired MST Solutions.

88. July 2022: OSF Digital acquired Aarin Inc.

87. July 2022: PwC US acquired Netrovert.

86. June 2022: PwC India acquires Venerate Solutions.

85. June 2022: Dentsu Group acquired Pexlify and tucked the business into Merkle.

84. June 2022: OSF Digital acquired Kolekto.

83. May 2022: The Acacia Group acquired The Baer Group.

82. May 2022: McKinsey & Company acquired S4G.

81. April 2022: Uneecops acquired digiCloud Solutions.

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    Joe Panettieri:

    Stephen: Thanks for the note and link. We’ve updated the list above accordingly.

    Rob Morris:

    missing a bunch from Simplus as well: EDL Consulting, BaldPeak, Basati (I think you got the other 3)

    Joe Panettieri:

    Rob: Thanks for the additions. We’ll track down the original links and update the article later on Tuesday. Also, we’re mulling a spreadsheet format (buyer, seller, date) for easier reading as well. Stay tuned.


    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Keith: We had that down for September 2019, but updated the article accordingly. Thanks.

    Vibhuti Sharma:

    Hey, there’s this deal I was hoping you could add to your list of Salesforce partner acquisitions- http://vi-gyan.com/ Thank you.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Vibhuti: Thank you for the note. We plan to cover the deal within the next few business days, and then will update the list above accordingly. -jp

    Rick Sumner:

    Where is the Infosys acquisition of Simplus?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Rick: Thanks for the note. That deal is #31 on the list. We covered it in February 2020: Infosys acquires Salesforce cloud consulting partner Simplus.


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