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My Entrepreneurial Journey

Some of you know me from my previous career stop (Nine Lives Media Inc.). But, that’s not where my journey began. I want to share my entrepreneurial story as a way of reintroducing myself to the IT channel market — and my way of welcoming you to ChannelE2E.

My entrepreneurial career has had four big stops so far – I’m not talking about lemonade stands or driveway shoveling gigs. These are real, all grown up, businesses.

Chapter 1: When I Left Corporate, For the ‘Last’ Time…

Stage 5 ExitI left big media in 2001; shortly after I became a first-time mom. I wanted to try my hand at my own thing. My engagements included marketing consulting and programming, event development and sales, custom media programming, sales development and more.

The business was successful, in that it provided a lucrative paycheck and a solid living – it allowed me to balance work and family and gave me my first taste at ‘going it alone.’ But that’s what it was: Alone. I didn’t have a business partner, I didn’t have a product. It was “AaaS” – Amy as a Service. It was a successful business, but I was missing the fun and collaboration I desired.

What I learned: The art of sales – not to sell a magazine page or a banner ad, but to gain a customer for life. How to budget time for different projects and how to work within tough deadlines. I also learned that working alone wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term.

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    Len Sandy:

    Amy thanks for sharing your story. It’s inspiring. In my own case I’ve been working on and off in the networking sector (start ups, giants, acquired companies) for about a decade. Mostly SE support positions for channel accnt managers. I never took the risk to start something that was “mine.” Didn’t really know where to start. Maybe your site will inspire me to take the leap.

    Amy Katz:

    Hi Len – thanks for the readership and stay tuned. We plan to help those who are already on an entrepreneurial journey – and guide folks like you who might just be ready to take the first step.

    Scott Lewis:

    Hi Amy, thanks for sharing. After following Joe for years it is nice to learn more about the other partner in the business that he’s always telling us about. After some time away from technology where I was focused on general marketing consulting, I’m back in the space you and Joe inform just as you’ve launched to inform us. Timing is everything and I’m looking forward to what Channel e2e has to offer.

    I’ve just launched a very, very focused TSP providing website solutions for conservation and land trusts on a mix of MSP, Web design and development and some time-to-value accelerating tech very specific to their needs. It’s early in the game but I’m really liking the idea that a) I know who virtually all of my prospects are, including contact information and b) the mix of subject matter expertise (I’m also a trustee of a conservation trust) with design to operations services can add incredible value to a market while c) all target customers being more similar than different and non-competitive with each other accelerates innovation while lowering cost for all. And it is a rinse and repeat formula to the extent current staff has domain expertise in other niches or we hire someone who does.

    Best success to you and Joe!

    Amy Katz:

    Scott – thanks so much for reading ChannelE2E and for commenting on my journey. And, welcome back to the market. Love that you use the TSP moniker; I believe we’ll be seeing more true TSPs moving forward. And, a very interesting niche you chose. I live in an area with a very active Trustees of the Reservations organization so I can see how that could be a cool niche to focus on from a TSP standpoint; especially since it’s personal for you.

    We’ll look forward to hearing how your business evolves so please keep us updated. And thanks again for reading and taking part in ChannelE2E.


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