Deloitte Technology Acquisitions List: 44 AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, MSSP and MSP Buyouts

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Deloitte acquisitions 20 through 1.

20. February 2021: Digital, application and cloud consulting firm The Working Group (TWG)

19. January 2021: Oracle partner Focus IT.

18. January 2021: root9B (R9B), a cyber threat hunting services and solutions provider.

17. December 2020: HashedIn, a SaaS software development firm for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Confluent, Salesforce & RedisLabs cloud deployments.

16. August 2020: Keytree, an SAP cloud partner and MSP.

15. June 2020: DNM, an Irish cloud consultancy & MSP for AWS migrations.

14. March 2020: Zimbani for information security services.

13. January 2020: SecurePath, a Symantec and FireEye partner in Malasia.

12. March 2019: Splunk partner Converging Data. The seller also works closely with AttackIQ, and VMware Carbon Black.

11. November 2018: CloudinIT, a Salesforce and AWS consulting partner.

10. March 2018: API Talent for AWS cloud consulting expertise.

9. January 2018: ATADATA for multi-cloud management capabilities across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform & more.

8. May 2017: Strut Digital, an AWS MSP with DevOps and cloud migration experience.

7. March 2017: Day1 Solutions for AWS consulting services.

6. October 2016: Plenary Networks for architecture and integration expertise.

5. August 2016: Integrity-Paahi Solutions for managed security services.

4. July 2016: Sixtree for boutique integration kn0w-how.

3. November 2015: Cloud Solutions Group

2. September 2015: Qubit Consulting

1. June 2015: Dataweave for Oracle software consulting capabilities.

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