Dell-EMC Merger: Michael Dell, Joe Tucci Video Interview

Dell and EMC are striving to complete a $67 billion merger that will create Dell Technologies. Toward that end, Michael Dell and EMC CEO Joe Tucci sat down to discuss what the combined company will look like — and the implications for channel partners.

During EMC World 2016, ChannelE2E kicked off the conversation with a question about partner ecosystem synergies. Then, the rest of the room jumped in with questions. Here’s a sampling of the conversation…

1. Michael Dell, Joe Tucci on Channel Partners

Here, the duo describes how Dell Technologies will work with channel partners.

2. Channel Partners, Part II

Will Dell Technologies pursue new partners or double down on existing partners? Michael Dell provides answers.

3. Innovate vs. Job Loss: Who’s Responsible?

Do Dell, EMC and other technology companies have a responsibility to train a new generation of IT experts — even as they disrupt and displace some IT sectors? Here’s how Tucci and Dell reply.

4. Dell Technologies Long-Term M&A Strategy

Will the new company, Dell Technologies, continue to acquired businesses? And if so, will the companies be assimilated into the Dell — or managed from a distance? Here are the answers.

5. Potential Product Overlap

Michael Dell describes potential overlap in the storage market. But even there he insists the overlap is minimal. Here’s why.

6. Networking Strategy

How Dell Technologies will tackle software-defined networking (SDN) and VMware NSX even as the EMC partnership with Cisco continues.

7. Big But Nimble

Some pundits asked if Dell could truly remain nimble even as it acquires another big company. Plus, how Dell Technologies will measure the deal’s success (or failure).

8. Big Data, Pivotal & More

How Dell plans to capitalize on Pivotal’s fast growth rate without messing up the business.

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