Deloitte Acquires Splunk Partner; Continues IT Consulting Tuck-Ins Worldwide

Deloitte has acquired Converging Data, a cybersecurity consulting firm in Australia. Converged Data works closely with Splunk, among other ISVs.

Converged Data is a combination IT consulting and managed services provider (MSP). The company mainly works in Australia, but has growing reach across APAC (Asia Pacific) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

The Deloitte-Converging Data deal signals continued M&A activity for global IT consulting firms, accounting firms and systems integrators.

Deloitte Acquisitions Target Cybersecurity, Cloud Services

Deloitte’s recent acquisitions have spanned cybersecurity, MSSP and cloud services firms. The company’s buyouts include:

Rivals such as Accenture have also made aggressive M&A moves worldwide.

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