Datto CEO Tim Weller Shares More Gluh Acquisition Details

Datto CEO Tim Weller has shed more light on the Gluh Pty acquisition, which the MSP-focused technology provider disclosed yesterday.

Gluh is a startup SaaS company that empowers MSPs with sales quoting, procurement and marketplace-type capabilities. With those descriptors in mind, ChannelE2E asked Weller three quick questions about the acquisition. Here’s a recap:

ChannelE2E: How many Gluh employees are joining Datto?

Weller: Gluh has a 14-person team that will be joining Datto.

ChannelE2E: Does the Gluh acquisition essentially seek to disrupt traditional sales quoting and proposal tools (Quotewerks and ConnectWise Sell/Quosal) and marketplaces (Pax8 and ConnectWise Marketplace) all in one SaaS platform?

Weller: It’s definitely a strong quoting tool, so we’ll compete with others there, but we are not trying to disrupt other marketplaces. MSPs love choice, so as Gluh evolves, we’ll continue to maintain our open ecosystem approach and integrate with others too.

ChannelE2E: How long have you been looking at Gluh? How quickly did it become apparent that this would be a good fit for Datto and MSPs?

Weller: We started a conversation over a year ago. You know this is a tight community among MSPs and vendors —so we have many of these conversations — and the cultural fit of Partner First and Open Ecosystem really resonated with us, as did the respect we developed for the team as we got to know them personally.


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    Pete Busam:

    It’s interesting that the PSA companies are finding that they need to fill the gap through an acquisition of a quote tool when there are so many out there that fill the void well without the need to now fully integrate and develop, seems like it would take away from their core.

    Although Tigerpaw fell off the map a few years ago and is making a strong comeback due to having things like true inventory management, password management, and quoting all as part of their product. It will be interesting if they can win back their name as they seem to be making bold moves by hiring a new VP of biz dev.

    It will be an interesting space to keep an eye on over the next 18-24 months to see who rises.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Pete: Thanks for the note and for your readership. Quoting and proposals are certainly part of this deal. But I also think Gluh’s ability to help MSPs set up self-service storefronts is a big part of this deal — if the platform lives up to Datto’s ambitions. We’ll be watching and reporting.

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