MSP Acquires Web Developer: Alliance Technologies Buys Tuva Interactive

An MSP (managed IT services provider) has acquired a SaaS and Web application development specialist, the two St. Louis-based businesses have disclosed.

The deal involves Alliance Technologies buying Tuva Interactive. The acquired asset merges into a newly launched sister business called Alliance Systems — which focuses on design, Web development and business solutions. 

The buyer is one of the 50 fastest growing companies in St. Louis, according to a local monthly magazine. Alliance Technologies achieved Microsoft Silver Partner status as a small and midmarket cloud solutions provider in 2018. The firm’s key services include cloud, hosted, managed and network assessment services. Alliance Technologies also offers expertise in Office 365 for nonprofit companies.

Meanwhile, Tuva has operated in St. Louis for more than 20 years under the leadership of Ken Mocabee. The company has developed B2B and B2C applications along with SaaS solutions in such vertical markets as financial, manufacturing and professional services.

The merger expands the services that Alliance offers to include web development, application development, mobile application development, and systems integration.

MSP Acquires Web Application Developer: Executive Perspectives

James Canada, managing partner and CEO, Alliance Technologies

James Canada, CEO and managing partner, Alliance Technologies, commented:

“Alliance Systems represents the next expansion of our service offerings built on our award winning IT platform at Alliance Technologies. The purchase of Tuva Interactive enables us to offer a collaborative solution to web and mobile design, and business solutions. Our team of highly experienced principals represents a diverse approach to strategic thinking and problem solving to help businesses through the changes of digital transformation and corporate growth. Clients will find this collaboration will provide the best of creative vision, strategic thinking and problem solving to yield outstanding results.”

Mocabee also commented:

“I have known Jim Canada and the Alliance team for many years. We have collaborated on several projects, and the merger of Tuva into Alliance Systems will enable us to offer more resources to our clients while maintaining the professionalism people have come to expect from Tuva Interactive.”

Mocabee continues as senior partner and director of business solutions, the company said.

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    Howard M. Cohen:

    Expect to see this happen more and more as MSPs move to replace their infrastructure business with more business-relevant appdev offerings.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Howard: Always good to hear from you. We expect more software-development related M&A deals, but I think they’ll remain a small niche within the overall M&A scene because software development is so foreign to so many resellers, VARs and MSPs. (No disrespect intended to those that succeed with software dev strategies.)

    Howard M. Cohen:

    You may have missed the point of my comment, Joe. Channel partners have long made changes by partnering with others to test markets and then either acquiring those partners or developing their own offering. It’s very clear that few if any infrastructure partners have appdev capabilities in house, but the smartest of them are very experienced at proactive partnering. I also see the resulting ISVs each having to build their own channels, which will add a whole new dimension to our community and perhaps new opportunity for those who can figure out how to aggregate the relationships effectively.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Howard:

    Face to face: I need to listen more, talk less.
    Online: I need to read (more closely), and reply less.

    Thanks for additional insight. Have awesome weekend.

    Howard M. Cohen:

    OMG Joe, we all need to listen more, that’s why we have two ears and only one mouth! To listen twice as much as we speak. And while it’s always good to read more closely, please reply MORE!!! It’s the discourse between concerned, informed people that makes things better.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Howard: As a general rule our team replies to all comments on ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert. Let me know when you’re next in NY or out on Long Island.

    All the best,

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