MSPs Gain Efficiencies from Single Sourcing

The global pandemic is not the only adversity that savvy MSPs must strive to conquer. The ever-changing threat landscape, increasing phishing attempts and Covid-19 clickbait requires a different approach to security services. Maximizing operational efficiencies and still delivering robust protection to clients is more critical to your success than ever before.

Simply put, you must simultaneously overcome profound budgetary obstacles and effectively combat ransomware and phishing attempts that are now reaching historic levels. Not surprisingly, conventional endpoint security solutions are just not capable of properly defending against these daily, even hourly, attacks.

Protection from a Single Vendor

Delivering multi-vector cybersecurity protection against this maelstrom of threats is tough, and even more challenging when you’re forced to rely on a hodgepodge of disparate solutions to sew together viable security services. At best you’ll offer protection at the cost of significant deployment and management inefficiencies, at worst clients will be vulnerable to attacks and your IT Operations will be mired in a time-consuming scramble to find how threats are evading detection. Opting for a vendor that meets all of your security needs with one portfolio of solutions that are purpose-built with easy client management, a consistent approach and maximum protection in a monthly billing model creating an efficient experience for MSPs.

This single-vendor approach to your security service can help your business be more profitable, enabling you to spend more time on revenue-generating activities and less time wrangling disparate security solutions never designed to work alongside and complement each other.

Why Choose a One-Vendor Approach?

Of course, in order to realize the full benefits of the single-source model requires that you carefully choose your security vendor. VIPRE Security has a 25-year history in cybersecurity, delivers proven product efficacy, and offers an exceptionally robust and broad portfolio of security solutions.  Beyond protecting your clients across multiple attack vectors, VIPRE also protects your bottom line by:

  • Saving Time: Administrative costs associated with procurement are significantly reduced because you place orders with just one supplier.
  • Better Pricing: Leveraging volume and/or multiple product orders maximizes your savings in price negotiations.
  • Ease of Use: Utilizing multiple software solutions from the same vendor saves time thanks to their familiar UI and similar controls & functionality.
  • Deploy New Features Sooner: Taking advantage of the latest updates/upgrades can be done much more quickly because you’re managing them from one vendor.
  • Simplify Your Operations: One phone number, one contact, one invoice.

It’s Just Easier: These days operational efficiency is more critical than ever; managing a range of disparate security solutions from multiple suppliers doesn’t make sense. Managing these individual products can be tedious and complex for your tech team−not to mention inefficient−and drives up your costs and increases the chance of administration errors.

VIPRE is making it easy for MSPs to protect users with a comprehensive, layered defense portfolio to protect your clients against the onslaught of evolving threats. Offering endpoint and email security through both server- and cloud-based deployments, as well as mobile interfaces, you get instant threat response—anytime, anywhere. And, you benefit from the administrative and management efficiencies that come from following a single-source security vendor strategy.

Learn More: VIPRE’s wide-ranging portfolio of security technologies enables you to quickly and cost-effectively identify, detect, protect, respond, and recover from threats. Choose from Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, User & Data Protection, and Network Protection to design your security services portfolio.

Guest blog courtesy of VIPRE Security. Read more VIPRE Security blogs here.

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