How Partners Can Secure and Protect Customers Anywhere, Everywhere

Author: Ken Howard, content marketing manager, Cisco Systems

It’s no secret that the world of work has changed dramatically. The “office” is now almost anywhere except the traditional campus you own and protect. Your workers and your data have scattered to bedroom alcoves, kitchen tables, outdoor coffee shops, and the park bench.

Organizations have more critical infrastructure, applications, and sensitive data stored in the cloud than ever before. Now, with more branch offices and home offices using direct-to-internet access, bypassing VPN and other on-premises safety features, attackers have even more incentive to target endpoints as their easiest point of entry.

This has left your cybersecurity teams stretched thin as the attack surface grows and operational complexity sets in. More than two-thirds of professionals say the shortage of skilled cybersecurity team members has an impact on their organization.

As the number of endpoints continues to rise, the need for deeper security insight has never been more of an imperative. A comprehensive view of the entire security domain and real-time intelligence about what’s happening along the network perimeter are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re absolutely critical.

Today, organizations need deep visibility into what users are doing on their endpoints, regardless of location or how they connect to the Internet. Protection must be ubiquitous, which means that on-premises-based security measures, by themselves, are inadequate.

Cisco Umbrella unifies multiple security functions in the cloud to secure internet access and control cloud app usage from network, branch offices, and roaming users.

Combining Cisco Umbrella with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints provides cloud-managed, next-generation endpoint security that analyzes unknown files and automatically blocks malware from trying to run on endpoints. AMP continuously monitors and records all file activity on endpoints, regardless of file disposition, to quickly spot malicious behavior.

When combined with Cisco SecureX, which connects Cisco’s integrated security portfolio for a simpler, more consistent experience across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications, organizations can use a single console to automate integrations, orchestrate playbooks, and accelerate critical security operations functions.

Cisco SecureX dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to detect, investigate, and remediate — making SOC operations more efficient and effective.

Together, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP for Endpoints provide the visibility and control needed to protect users against malware, phishing, and command-and-control callbacks — wherever they go and whichever devices they use. To learn more, read Cisco’s Secure Anywhere, Protect Everywhere playbook here.

Author Ken Howard is content marketing manager at Cisco Umbrella. Read more guest blogs from Cisco here.

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