Automation: The Path to MSP Profitability

With more competitors entering the market, veteran MSPs face downward pressure on their margins as new MSPs attract new clients with low pricing. The risk of managed services being perceived as commodities increases with little to differentiate between MSPs other than the cost of their services. Simply put, the differentiators of your MSP may be obvious to you, but they’re less apparent to customers.

To differentiate your offerings, give a more comprehensive range of managed services to your clients. Automation is an ideal way to achieve this, enabling you to implement more powerful and personalized solutions for customers while also boosting efficiency.

By adding automation tools, you can provide a range of services to clients with reduced labor. For example, remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools enable smaller MSPs to automate a variety of diagnostic and preventative maintenance routines, ensuring potential difficulties are rectified before they become bigger problems.

This automation will pay dividends, boosting your customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also significantly cut costs by preventing issues from developing into tickets that will consume valuable technician time.

Additionally, professional services automation (PSA) tools make it easy for your technicians to remotely enter their time when they complete onsite services, ensuring that work is accurately tracked—key for calculating the cost of delivering services. When a PSA tool integrates with an RMM platform, even greater automation is possible, including immediate generation of tickets when alerts are detected.

Automation solutions like RMM and PSA tools enable you to seamlessly manage cloud-based solutions. While RMM and PSA integration with cloud services is an evolving process, the benefits of melding these automation tools with the cloud are undeniable.

Most compelling is the flexibility that automated cloud-based solutions provide, enabling you to dynamically scale the breadth and depth of your client services in response to the changing needs of your customers. For example, leveraging a cloud-based endpoint security solution like Webroot lets you take advantage of its built-in integrations, saving you from the headache of curating a suite of products that are compatible with one another.

Today’s combination of automated solutions and dynamic cloud services enable you to select from an array of cloud solutions for each of your clients while still ensuring management of multiple solutions is efficiently automated. The net result is that your clients always receive the service levels their businesses demand, while you boost profitability by only paying for capabilities you actually need.

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