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6 Things Security Prospects Need to Hear From MSPs

Whether you’re an established MSP or a reseller contemplating a transition to the MSP business model, it’s certainly heartening to see that so many organizations are embracing the MSP approach…along with the peace of mind they gain from knowing they don’t need to manage their own IT services.

Not surprising, really. After all, the benefits MSPs offer to clients are compelling: No more buying products and struggling to install and maintain them; no more diverting end-user resources from revenue-producing business operations to tedious IT support tasks (or paying ad hoc break/fix reseller charges). Bottom line, MSPs enable clients to enjoy greater uptime, more end-user productivity and no-surprises billing with consistent per-user monthly fees.

But that doesn’t mean signing up new clients has become a slam-dunk process; it’s not enough to just discuss the theoretical advantages of engaging an MSP, you must explain how your services will meet the specific needs of prospective clients. That’s particularly important when it comes to security solutions, which need to deliver superior protection while seamlessly integrating with your prospects’ IT environments.

Successfully winning and retaining an organization’s patronage partly depends on your ability to convince prospective clients that your security solution:

1. Helps their IT security admins quickly blacklist risky applications

Given the steady onslaught of nefarious apps that threaten today’s users, it’s understandable that clients want to know you can help their internal IT staff quickly react to such applications; the Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Platform automatically protects against new threats the moment they are discovered, with no action by your client’s IT department required.

2. Supports their corporate security policies

Every organization has its own particular mix of security policies and standards, and it’s critical that any MSP be able to easily accommodate them; Webroot’s global policy creation enables quick deployment and configuration across all clients, which becomes increasingly useful as your client base expands and the need to create customized policies for each client grows.

3. Won’t crush end-user productivity and flexibility

Organizations obviously want iron-clad protection, but not at the expense of resource-hogging solutions that slow network traffic, strain endpoint CPUs and frustrate end users; Webroot’s cloud-based architecture enables it to scan quickly with little impact on system performance, virtually eliminating lost productivity and user complaints about sluggish performance.

4. Uses technology that quickly ranks the millions of apps available

Due to the rising popularity of smartphones and BYOD, malware is increasingly distributed through mobile apps, creating a major new threat vector for today’s organizations; the Webroot® Mobile Application Reputation Service delivers industry-leading protection against known and newly-released, unknown mobile malware by using the same BrightCloud Threat Intelligence technology that powers Webroot business endpoint security solutions.

5. Can become a key to their security backbone

Today’s organizations expect MSPs to deliver comprehensive, broad-spectrum security solutions that guard against threats in multiple environments; Webroot can protect their workforce and company data with uncompromising security for desktops, laptops, virtual machines, tablets, smartphones, and web browsing.

6. Is understandable to CFO, CEO and stakeholders

The complexity of today’s threat environment doesn’t relieve MSPs of the need to clearly explain the functionality of their security services to prospective clients; the many advantages of Webroot’s cloud-based architecture are easy for even non-technical audiences to understand, enabling quicker buy-in by a prospect’s C-level executives and other key decision-makers.

As the managed services marketplace becomes increasingly crowded and competitive, MSPs can differentiate themselves by choosing security solutions that address the real-world concerns of prospective clients. They have questions, make sure you have answers!

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