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We’re crowdsourcing your top questions about VAR, MSP and CSP businesses. Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a question. But first check out existing questions and answers:

Managed Services Provider (MSP) FAQ

1. MSP Pricing: How much should I charge for my managed services?

2. Should my MSP offer tiered services and pricing packages (Gold, Silver Bronze)?

3. Is the managed services market commoditizing?

4. Do top MSPs resell hardware and software (like VARs)?

5. MSP and VAR EBITDA profit margins: What should they be?

6. MSP and VAR Valuations: What’s My Business Worth?

7. MSP and CSP Sales Compensation Plans: What is an example sales compensation plan to drive MSP and CSP recurring revenues?

8. How can my business manage MRR (monthly recurring revenue), subscription billing and usage-based billing?

9. What is the best RMM (remote monitoring and manage) software for MSPs?

10. What is the best PSA (professional services automation) software for MSPs?

11. How large is the MSP market and how many MSPs are there?

Cloud Services Provider FAQ

1. What are the most popular SaaS applications?

2. Which Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) have IaaS data centers in Europe?

3. What’s the difference between an MSP and a CSP?

ChannelE2E: About Our Website FAQ

1. Who Launched ChannelE2E and why?

2. What IT channel conferences and partner summits does ChannelE2E attend?

3. How can my company sponsor ChannelE2E?

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