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CEO Fred Voccola Tells the Kaseya 365 Origin Story

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola tells ChannelE2E the origin story of Kaseya 365

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola rolled out Kaseya 365, a product and service and initiative that he said has been in the works for 10 years, since he first joined the company as CEO. Kaseya 365 made its debut at Kaseya Connect on May 1. Kaseya 365 brings together basic components of the MSP stack into a subscription-based service to manage, secure, backup and automate client environments under a single license at a promotional price of $3.99 per end point per month.

ChannelE2E recently caught up with Voccola to talk about the inspiration for this packaging (spoilers: it’s Microsoft 365), and the 10 years of work that went into making this happen.

Here’s the full interview:

Here's a time-stamped summary of our interview with Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola

0:46 - Introduction: Jessica C. Davis introduces herself and Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, for an interview post-Kaseya Connect event.

1:15 - Kaseya 365 Plan: Fred Voccola explains that Kaseya 365 is the culmination of a decade-long plan to leverage Kaseya's assets to meet MSP needs and transform the industry.

2:11 - Integration Vision: Fred Voccola draws an analogy to Microsoft Office, explaining how integrating multiple functionalities into one platform can improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for MSPs.

5:16 - Integration Challenges: Fred Voccola discusses the challenges of integrating various technologies and functionalities into one platform, similar to what Microsoft did with its productivity tools.

6:11 - Long Journey: Fred Voccola explains that the journey to create Kaseya 365 involved acquisitions, integration, and scaling the company from 300 to 5000 employees.

10:04 - Market Changes: Fred Voccola highlights how the market and cybersecurity landscape have changed over the last decade, impacting MSP needs and solutions.

13:08 - Kaseya 365 License: Fred Voccola clarifies that Kaseya 365 is a license, not just a bundle, and reports overwhelming positive response with over 1600 MSPs signed up within a week.

13:44 - Existing Partners: Fred Voccola notes that the majority of sign-ups for Kaseya 365 are from existing Kaseya partners, with a backlog of over 1000 orders to process.

14:24 - Addressing MSP Challenges: Fred Voccola outlines how Kaseya 365 helps MSPs automate processes, reduce costs, and address commercial challenges like finding talent and convincing customers of advanced cybersecurity value.

16:27 - Customer-Centric Approach: Fred Voccola emphasizes Kaseya's commitment to being customer-centric, putting significant effort into understanding and meeting customer needs.

17:29 - Financial Flexibility: Fred Voccola explains how Kaseya 365's financial value allows MSPs to offer advanced security solutions without compromising service quality, enhancing profit margins.

20:25 - Partner First Pledge: Fred Voccola discusses the importance of the Partner First Pledge, which codifies supportive practices and ensures partners are aware of the support they can expect.

24:43 - Pricing Strategy: Fred Voccola explains that Kaseya can afford the competitive pricing of Kaseya 365 due to efficient engineering and a cost-effective business model, ensuring positive financial impact.

29:05 - Market Share Expansion: Fred Voccola confirms that Kaseya expects to expand its market share with Kaseya 365, aiming to provide the best platform to as many MSPs as possible.

30:42 - M&A Outlook: Fred Voccola shares insights on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market for MSPs, noting a continued high rate of activity driven by a massive addressable market and recurring revenue models.

31:57 - MSP Market Growth: Fred Voccola discusses how the number of new MSPs entering the market is higher than the number being acquired, indicating a growing and massive market driven by the digital transformation of small to mid-sized businesses.

32:59 - Private Equity Interest: Fred Voccola explains the significant interest from private equity firms and large family offices in the MSP space, driven by the recurring revenue model and the large addressable market.

35:27 - Regulatory Impact: Fred Voccola predicts that regulation and compliance with various standards will be a major external factor impacting MSPs in the coming years, as cybersecurity becomes a more significant concern.

36:11 - Compliance Opportunity: Fred Voccola highlights that MSPs can see regulation and compliance as an opportunity to deliver solutions for their customers, positioning themselves as essential service providers.

37:43 - Self-Governance in Cybersecurity: Fred Voccola compares the current cybersecurity challenges to organized crime in the past, suggesting that self-governance and compliance will be necessary to manage these threats effectively.

38:52 - Kaseya’s Compliance Business: Fred Voccola mentions that Kaseya has a rapidly growing compliance business, providing software and technology to help MSPs meet regulatory standards and protect their customers.

39:03 - Closing Remarks: Jessica C. Davis thanks Fred Voccola for sharing his insights, concluding the interview with an acknowledgment of the exciting and challenging times ahead for MSPs and the industry.

Jessica C. Davis

Jessica C. Davis is editorial director of CyberRisk Alliance’s channel brands, MSSP Alert, MSSP Alert Live, and ChannelE2E. She has spent a career as a journalist and editor covering the intersection of business and technology including chips, software, the cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. She previously served as editor in chief of Channel Insider and later of MSP Mentor where she was one of the original editors running the MSP 501.