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Private Equity-Backed Makes Two Acquisitions

Credit: Getty Images, backed by private equity firm TPG Capital, has acquired Numerify and Experitest. Financial terms for each deal was not disclosed.

These are M&A deals number 259 and 260 that ChannelE2E has covered so far in 2020. See the complete M&A deal list here.

Numerify is an artificial intelligence (AI) analytics solutions firm. The analytics engine will serve as the “central nervous system” for’s Value Stream Platform, which will help its machine learning capabilities, the company said.

The analytics engine will correlate data from the platform and other third-party tools used throughout customers’ value streams to create a unified data model.

Experitist, meanwhile, is a continuous quality provider that will add continuous testing to the platform, consisting of secure, integrated quality capabilities designed to reduce risk, said. develops a Value Stream Platform, a well-known enterprise agile planning tool that improves software development processes and digital transformation outcomes, the company says. Acquisitions: Executives Perspectives

Ashok Reddy, CEO of
Ashok Reddy, CEO of

In a prepared statement about the acquisitions, Ashok Reddy, CEO of, commented:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of strong digital operations. As a result, global enterprises across industries are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. The additions of Numerify and Experitest to enhance our ability to help these organizations rapidly increase agility and meet ever-changing customer and market demand without sacrificing quality or security. We welcome the Numerify and Experitest teams to the family and look forward to working together to help our customers create high-value digital experiences their customers’ trust.”

Gaurav Rewari, CEO of Numerify, added:

“Numerify’s analytics solutions are customer-focused, platform-driven, and designed to be up and running quickly. We look forward to combining our technology with the Value Stream Platform to help customers rapidly identify and address pain points in development and business value streams and improve business outcomes.”

Tal Barmeir, CEO of Experitest, concluded:

“Our continuous quality solutions are the perfect complement to’s Agile planning, app security, and continuous release capabilities. When embedded into the development value stream, Experitest quickly determines root causes of quality issues, enabling enterprises to streamline IT processes while improving quality and business performance.”