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Nerdio Adds Support for Microsoft InTune, Multi-tenant Management

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Independent software vendor Nerdio has launched a major new version of its Nerdio Manager for MSP that has the potential to disrupt the market for managed services.

This release – version four of the platform – “significantly” extends the platform’s management, automation, and cost-optimization capabilities on top of Microsoft Intune, the company said.

Nerdio's Microsoft InTune Support

The disruptive part comes from the Microsoft Intune support. Microsoft Intune is the cloud-based solution that enables mobile device management and mobile application management. It can also help with setting up laptops and mobile devices by automatically deploying and enforcing configurations across multiple installs. This cuts into some of the work that's been previously performed by RMM (remote monitoring and management) platforms that MSPs use.

Joseph Landes, CRO, Nerdio
Joseph Landes, CRO, Nerdio

Nerdio cofounder and chief revenue officer Joseph Landes told ChannelE2E:

"It turns out a lot of MSPs are really interested in Microsoft InTune. But it's difficult and unapproachable for the average MSP. We have built in and are launching InTune functionality into our Nerdio Manager for MSPs product. Now an MSP can manage physical endpoints just like they manage Azure in the cloud."

The new release allows MSPs (managed service providers) to incorporate unified endpoint management and cross-tenant management into Nerdio Manager for MSP and their day-to-day operations. MSPs can now utilize powerful Nerdio capabilities such as autoscaling, an intuitive user interface, Scripted Actions, Approval Workflows features, RBAC roles, and more, for efficient endpoint management, according to Nerdio.

Using v4 and above, MSPs can fully manage customers’ physical devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops with Intune, alongside management of Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and other native Microsoft technologies and services, in one unified management platform, Nerdio said in a prepared statement.

Nerdio is originally known in the MSP market for simplifying Azure management by helping MSPs understand the financial model for the service. Because Azure pricing is consumption-based and there are thousands of choices, it's complicated to implement and there's uncertainty and risk around pricing. The more you use, the higher your bill will be. Nerdio introduced itself as a way to help MSPs price out the Azure environment.

Then, just ahead of March 2020 when COVID hit, Nerdio introduced a Microsoft Azure virtual desktop solution. It hit the market at just the right time and took off, according to Landes.

Nerdio Releases Nerdio Manager for MSP v4: Additional Insight

Justin Vashisht, chief technology officer, Chelsea Technologies, a Nerdio partner, commented on the release:

“As a service provider specializing in highly regulated industries, the unified Microsoft Intune experience in Nerdio Manager for MSP has been a game-changer for our team and our customers. What used to take days and sometimes weeks can now be done with Nerdio in just a few clicks. We highly recommend this management platform to other companies looking for a streamlined, consistent, and efficient approach to managing customers’ policies and endpoints.”

Amol Dalvi, VP of product, Nerdio, said:

“MSPs spend a significant amount of time and energy routinely ensuring endpoints are in compliance across their customer base, providing access to the right version of the right application to the right end user, keeping the endpoint OS and applications updated, rolling out devices to new users, retiring devices, and more. Removing and simplifying the plethora of manual tasks related to endpoint management, and combining the management of all endpoints, whether virtual or physical, across customer accounts in Nerdio Manager empowers modern service providers to scale their business in a margin-efficient manner, resolve their customers’ issues promptly, and adopt modern technologies required for today’s security landscape and modern work.”

Nerdio’s Growth Plans

The rollout comes about four months after the company announced it had raised $117 million in Series B funding led by Updata Partners. That was preceded by an $8 million Series A round led by MK Capital in February 2020.

The company said at the time that it planned to use the cash influx to more than double its headcount over the next year with a strong focus on expanding the company’s executive leadership. It also said it would expand its sales staff and presence in more regions, adding to its current presence in the UK, EMEA, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Brazil.