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HaloPSA and NinjaOne Ally to Improve MSP Efficiency


HaloPSA and NinjaOne have announced an integration of their software platforms to enhance the efficiency of managed service providers (MSPs). 

The integration combines NinjaOne's remote monitoring and management (RMM) with HaloPSA's professional services automation (PSA), aiming to streamline device and service management for MSPs, the companies said.

Integration Overview

The integration of HaloPSA and NinjaOne's platforms is designed to simplify the management of devices and services for MSPs, which the companies say will save time and resources, allowing MSPs to better serve their clients.

“With increasingly complex environments to manage, and growing pressure to find and retain IT talent, it’s gotten even harder to manage and secure our clients’ devices,” said Kris Pennington, senior cloud engineer at Newwave Cloud Consulting. “As an MSP, time is our most valuable resource and it’s critical that we have the most up-to-date information in our PSA and remote monitoring and management systems.”

The integration aims to streamline several aspects of MSP operations:

  • Resolution Time: The integration is intended to help MSPs address issues before end users are affected.
  • Operational Efficiency: Keeping device information updated in both consoles is expected to reduce time spent on redundant tasks.
  • Support Systems: HaloPSA and NinjaOne emphasize providing comprehensive support for MSPs.

“Building this integration with NinjaOne was a no-brainer – customer success is at the heart of both of our organizations’ missions,” said Tim Barton-Wines, executive at HaloPSA. “MSPs have a challenging job in managing both business and technology services for their clients. This integration with NinjaOne simplifies their work, saving them time and allowing them to provide better support to their customers by eliminating back and forth between their PSA and RMM systems.”

HaloPSA Momentum with MSPs

At a time when many managed services vendors have matured and taken on private equity investments, startups like HaloPSA are attracting attention for what could be seen as an innovative approach. Although HaloPSA has a long history as an ITSM provider, it is now gaining favor with MSPs.

One distinguishing feature of HaloPSA is its commitment to avoid external investments and mergers for ten years. This pledge is included in contracts with MSPs, signaling a focus on stability and innovation. Tim Barton-Wines, an executive at HaloPSA, reported that 300 MSPs join the platform each month.

Company Backgrounds

Originally founded in 1994, Halo Service Solutions underwent a rebrand in 2019 and launched a suite of products aimed at transforming IT service delivery globally. The company's platforms, HaloITSM and HaloPSA, leverage the latest technologies to empower support teams worldwide. 

NinjaOne automates IT management, providing over 17,000 IT teams with visibility, security, and control over endpoints. The platform aims to increase productivity and reduce IT costs.