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Dell Leans on Partners for Edge


Dell Technologies rolled out its edge operations software platform, Dell NativeEdge, this week, with an emphasis on the company’s partner network in advancing edge computing solutions.

Dell’s extended partner ecosystem will assist in help for growing complexity of edge deployments, according to the company. Under the Dell Edge Partner Certification Program, partners like Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) collaborate with Dell engineers in a specialized lab setting to optimize their software before its introduction to the Dell NativeEdge application catalog. 

This approach aids OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers and system integrators in crafting standardized edge solution designs tailored to unique customer environments, according to Dell.

Dell’s Partners Advancing Solutions

Gil Shneorson, senior vice president of edge solutions, Dell Technologies, commented:

"Our partners are an integral part of customers’ success. Dell NativeEdge is a testament to our combined expertise in creating solutions that simplify processes at the edge, making it a strategic enabler for businesses across diverse industries."

Eric Kaplan, chief technology officer at AHEAD, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating:

"Dell NativeEdge addresses the increased edge complexity resulting from enterprises shifting workloads and applications. This platform not only simplifies edge deployments but also ensures our clients can securely manage and scale their distributed systems."

Partner Engagement

Several partners have already initiated collaborations with Dell to incorporate their innovative solutions into the Dell NativeEdge application catalog:

Atos: In partnership with Dell, Atos will introduce its Business Outcomes-as-a-service (BOaaS) solution. 

Bosch Global Software Technologies: Bosch is set to launch DeviceBridge, addressing challenges in data collection and machine management within manufacturing. 

Eaton: Contributing to the collaborative environment, Eaton will integrate software from its Brightlayer™ Data Centers suite, emphasizing preemptive power management strategies to mitigate system failures and unforeseen disruptions.