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Arctic Wolf Partners With Cysurance to Offer Cyberinsurance

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Security operations company Arctic Wolf is partnering with Cysurance to offer its customers discounts on a new $1 million cyberinsurance policy.

The policy is being offered through Cysurance, a next-generation risk mitigation company. U.S.-based Arctic Wolf customers that are enrolled in the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty will have the option to purchase a $1 million fixed-fee cyberinsurance policy for a highly discounted rate and without the need for an application, the company said.

Cysurance now offers eligible Arctic Wolf customers discounts of up to 80% compared to standard market rates, according to Arctic Wolf.

Cysurance's Partnership: Executive Insight

Kirsten Bay, co-founder and CEO, Cysurance
Kirsten Bay, co-founder and CEO, Cysurance

Kirsten Bay, co-founder and chief executive officer, Cysurance, commented:

“Working closely with Arctic Wolf over the past two years has allowed us to see first-hand the impact they make on advancing their customers’ cyber defense, and we have been able to demonstrate measurable improvements they drive in business resilience and security outcomes to our underwriting partners. This is why we are excited to announce today’s market-leading offering, exclusive to Arctic Wolf customers enrolled in the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty. Arctic Wolf’s innovative approach to Security Operations technology is unrivalled in the industry in its effectiveness, which is why we are confident in offering their customers best-in-class rates and coverage, without the need to complete an application.”

Dan Schiappa, chief product officer, Arctic Wolf, said:

“Ensuring business resilience is a key requirement to implementing an effective strategy to combat cyber risk, which is why we continue to see obtaining and retaining cyber insurance as a top-of-mind concern for many of our prospects and customers. We are excited that Cysurance is able to offer discounted rates to our customers, and the validation this represents for the effectiveness of our Security Operations Cloud and the advancements we continue to make in helping our customers end cyber risk.”