Pax8 Podcast: How MSPs Can Support SMB Clients on Cybersecurity


ChannelE2E recently spoke to Pax8 VP of Sales Strategy, David Powell and Founder of Colorado=Security, Robb Reck about the threat landscape for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as how managed service providers can help these clients.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can benefit from prioritizing the security posture of their SMB clients. SMBs are often vulnerable to cyber attacks. That's an opportunity for MSPs who can build trust and stickiness with these clients by explaining the importance of cybersecurity to them and helping improve their security posture.

SMBs often think they should do something about cybersecurity but don’t know what actions to take. MSPs can offer guidance and leadership to align solutions to the SMB’s risk tolerance and risk profile.

Pax8 has developed an MSP cybersecurity program based on the methodology of "teach, tailor, and take control." This program can help MSPs engage their clients in cybersecurity conversations. The program emphasizes the importance of educating clients on their risk profile, tailoring the approach based on the value of the assets they need to protect, and guiding them to a conclusion they may not have arrived at themselves.

Here's the podcast:

Here are the highlights of the video:

0:40: Introductions: Pax8 VP of Sales Strategy, David Powell.
1:15: Introductions: Founder of Colorado = Security, Robb Reck.
2:00: How prioritizing the security posture of SMB clients uniquely benefits MSPs.
3:40: Educational resources to prepare MSPs for emerging threats.
3:57: Training non-technical audiences on high-level security concepts.
5:56: The role of MSPs in cybersecurity education and risk mitigation.
7:16: Challenges faced by MSPs when selling cybersecurity.
14:08: The altruistic approach Pax8 takes in supporting MSPs in the security space.