3 Tips for MSPs Selling Managed Networking Services

Author: Datto’s Scott West
Author: Datto's Scott West

Managed networking services is a relatively new sell in the IT Channel. As more managed service providers (MSPs) begin to sell networking technology on a subscription basis, we can learn from their triumphs how to close deals that differ from a traditional WiFi offering.

Here are three tips to consider when selling managed networking services:

1. The Art of ‘Solution Selling’

Feature parity between networking technology is relatively high. This makes selling based on the technology more challenging. To overcome this hurdle, MSPs have found success with a more customer-centric approach.

‘Solution selling’ occurs when a salesperson evaluates customer needs and recommends products that help them achieve their goals. During the sales cycle for an MSP, the discussion is largely focused on services that can be offered to the customer for the duration of their relationship. Staying engaged with customers beyond the sale gives MSPs an edge in terms of customer service.

2. Vertical Focus

When selling managed networking services, MSPs can also benefit by focusing on specific verticals. MSPs may serve a number of different businesses, and it’s important to recognize that the need for a strong WiFi connection is going to differ on a case by case basis. For example, a dentist’s office may have a less urgent need for speedy WiFi than a hotel.

The demand for dependable WiFi is high at hotels, as it can directly impact customer satisfaction, and many MSPs have found success selling to this vertical. For travelers especially, WiFi is viewed as more of a commodity these days. Whether people are traveling for business or leisure, the expectation for a solid WiFi connection is high.

3. Compete with WiFi

Strong networking solutions can also be used as a competitive advantage during the sales cycle. For example, if you are focus on heavily WiFi dependent verticals like hospitality, your pitch should highlight how your offering can make the hotel more successful.

Say you’re a hotel hosting a conference and the WiFi connection starts to fail. This can stall the entire event and hinder hotel guests from organizing future business meetings or conferences there. Poor WiFi can damage a hotel’s reputation. As an MSP, it’s important to highlight how important your services are to their ongoing success with clients.

Long Term Sales Success

Kicking off managed networking sales is no easy task. It can be difficult to move customers from a traditional mindset where they are used to a one-time hardware fee and break-fix support. This is why it’s crucial to avoid getting wrapped up in the technology when pitching your services and master ‘solution selling’. Get to know your clients, their challenges, and their needs, and base your pitch around the services you offer to help them meet their goals.

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Scott West is senior product marketing manager at Datto Inc. Read more Datto guest blog here.