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Simeon Cloud: Microsoft 365 Automation

Simeon automates the management of Microsoft 365. Powered by configuration-as-code and continuous integration, Simeon is a vital component of any modern IT operation, reducing manual and error-prone work by 75%, while ensuring 100% accuracy.

  • Manage common configurations that are synced to all tenants, ensuring consistency and saving time
  • Automate deployments of configurations to new tenants, reducing setup to 10 minutes
  • Daily monitoring and reporting of configurations, helping eliminate drift
  • Daily backup with one-click revert when configurations stray

Cross-Tenant Portability

Simeon uses Configuration as Code to create reproducible, deployable Microsoft environments. Whether you already have a golden tenant configured or choose to use ours, clone a tenant’s configurations and deploy them to another tenant in minutes, saving time, and ensuring consistency.

Layered Configurations

Simeon makes it easy to save layers of tenant configurations. Add or change configurations centrally and have them synced to all your tenants, helping avoid mistakes and saving time. With Simeon, you can be sure that tenant configurations are always consistent.

Point in Time Restore

Simeon connects to Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365 and saves a daily snapshot of all configurations, settings, and applications. Get notified immediately when a change is detected in your tenant and restore it to a previously saved state when things go wrong. You can rely on our monitoring and roll-back capabilities to achieve desired state management.

Tenant Discovery

Ever needed to know what settings, configurations, applications and admin user accounts exist in your tenant? Simeon connects to your Office 365, Intune and Azure AD portals and generates a complete and accurate reporting of your tenant in minutes.

Tenant Backup and Restore Configurations

Simeon connects to the Azure AD, Intune and Office 365 portals and saves a daily snapshot of all configurations, settings and applications. Ever had your Microsoft environment break or stray from your desired state? Worry no more. Simeon will restore your tenant to a previously working desired environment with a click of a button.

Golden Tenant Instant Deployment

Get an expertly configured Intune, Autopilot, Office 365 and Azure AD tenant deployed in minutes. Skip the setup time, testing and hassle. Simply fill out our survey and Simeon will deploy a complete environment to your tenant based on your desired end-user behaviors and security requirements.

Simeon Automation Suite

Get unlimited Tenant Discoveries, Golden Tenants and Backup. Plus manage common tenant settings, configurations and applications centrally. Make one global update that deploys to all tenants, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your environments. Get the most comprehensive automation for managing Microsoft 365.

Simeon Cloud, modernize your MSP.

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