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About Us:

At CyberQP, we protect what matters for MSPs.

We provide privileged access management for MSPs, including protecting customer admin accounts and securing identities of your customers.

We understand the needs of MSPs because many of us have been part of them ourselves. Our products are built to be the most comprehensive, intuitive, and useful solutions for MSPs to protect against cyber threats, automate help desk tasks, and adhere to compliance standards. We work with the tools that MSPs already use (ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Control, Datto Autotask, Hudu, ITGlue), so our products and features seamlessly integrate with the work you’re already doing.

CyberQP also brings efficiency and automation to MSPs, making it easy to manage privileged accounts, meet compliance requirements, and guard against attacks and ransomware.

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Our Products:

QDesk: Maximize your team’s efficiency by eliminating 95% of your help desk tickets with end-to-end help desk automation with zero standing privilege.

Self-service Password Reset
Eliminate up to 95% of password reset tickets by enabling end users to quickly, easily, and securely reset passwords.

Zero Trust Help Desk
Protect organizations from internal and external threats by verifying identities of people who call into your help desk in less than 30 seconds..

End-to-End Help Desk Automation
We help MSPs eliminate their most costly help desk tickets and empower technicians of all skill levels to resolve tickets quickly.

Active Directory Password Syncing
Set up one login and password that automatically syncs across Azure Active Directory (AD), Office 365, and Local Accounts.

QGuard: Protect privileged accounts and customer identities, while saving your MSP’s time and money.

Manage Privileged Admin Accounts Across Environments
Automate tasks and manage privileged, admin, and service accounts across environments.

Privileged Identity Management
Empower your MSP’s technicians to manage and control who has privileged access for specified periods of time.

Discover Privileged Accounts
For MSPs, it can be difficult to discover admin and privileged accounts across their customer base. With our automation, we make it effortless.

Monitor Changes to Critical Accounts
Gain full transparency into your privileged accounts, including account creation, disabling, deletion, and password changes.

Cyber Grade Vault
MSPs can store, share, and access passwords with appropriate permissions while safeguarding against threats.

Special offers:

  • 10% off QDesk and QGuard
  • MDF credit equal to first bill for annual agreement
  • Waived onboarding fees
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