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KPI IconsInflection Point 2: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Too often, the IT channel obsesses over yesterday’s conversations — “how much should I charge for my service?” The focus needs to shift from that one-off question toward a larger discussion about KPIs (key performance indicators) and best practices for total business automation.

Fortunately, some really smart folks — organizations like CompTIA, HTG Peer Groups, Service Leadership Inc. and TruMethods, just to name a few — are driving the KPI conversation forward. We intend to put a megaphone on that conversation.

Solution: For some clues about where we’re heading, track our daily coverage and check our growing portfolio of ChannelE2E Databases.

Icon Small Midmarket Enterprise Business

Inflection Point 3: Small, Midmarket and Enterprise Reset

Too often, the industry lumps small and midmarket businesses together under the “SMB” moniker. That’s a mistake. Small businesses, midmarket customers and enterprise organizations each have distinct IT needs.

  • For IT service providers, you can’t just “hire more people” as you seek to grow beyond small business customers into the midmarket.
  • Similarly, technology vendors can’t force-fit an existing product designed for one market segment (say, truly small business) into another market segment (for instance, a 1,000+ seat midmarket company).

Solution: ChannelE2E tracks the smallmidmarket and enterprise IT opportunities as distinct categories that have stepping stones between them (if you know how to find them). The result? From our home page, our readers can view and analyze the entire IT continuum, from small businesses to global 2000 organizations. As vendors and partners attempt to scale up or scale down into specific markets, they’ll find specific small, midmarket and enterprise content that fits their needs.

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