Cloudistics Private Cloud Partner Program: MSP Alternative to AWS, Azure?

In the old IT way of handling business for SMB clients, you would purchase a server specifically built for small business owners. You were responsible for set up and maintenance of that server and would be called in if anything were to go wrong.

As we know, SMB owners are less and less likely to shell out money for onsite server hardware. MSPs have been looking to provide cloud solutions for their clients given the current environment. Many times these providers will point their clients to public cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services to solve these tasks. In this scenario, the MSP has very little control over the hardware and the virtual environment. However, the desire to have more control over the cloud environments they are providing to their clients is top of mind.

MSPs: Gaining Cloud Control?

Amid that reality, Cloudistics is providing partners the opportunity to build recurring revenues by creating, hosting, and managing their own on-premises private cloud environments. The new Managed Service Provider program consisting of two main components.

  • Cloudistics StarterCloud: This is a simple way for MSPs to test drive and build out their own private cloud services. They will have access to a complete Cloudistics On-Premise Cloud Platform at a discounted introductory price. Once the MSP has had a chance to set everything up and test it out, they can scale the environment by adding more resources with the discounted MSP partner pricing.
  • Cloudistics ReadyCloud: MSPs get a utility pricing model that scales as the business grows. Once a base system is purchased (HW only), Cloudistics will bill the MSP monthly for only what is consumed by the MSP’s customers. The cloud utility pricing plan is designed to match your costs profiles to revenue profiles. Like other public cloud vendors, you can consume the Cloudistics platform and pay only for what you use. At the end of each month, Cloudistics will measure how much memory was allocated to your clouds and how many GB/month were used, just like other public clouds.

Cloudistics Partner Program Features

By partnering with Cloudistics, MSPs can have all the tools they need to compete in the crowded cloud market, the company states, including:

  • Cloud Ready: All hardware and software is included and ready to go, and you will only be charged for what customers actually use.
  • End-to-End Multi-Tenancy: Leveraging both the physical and logical multi-tenancy capabilities, MSPs can host multiple customers from a single platform, cutting costs on hardware and resources.
  • High Performance: The service has ultra-high IOPs with 200 μs latency at a fraction of the cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Channel Friendly: Designed from the ground up to unite traditional OEM and SP channels.
  • Industry Leading Financial Results: Cloudistics delivers a hyperscale on-premises cloud with simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and high performance with a low TCO.

The Cloudistics platform comes with all of the software and hardware needed to create and set up a private cloud environment that can be sold specifically to individual clients.

The big question: Do MSPs want to build out private clouds, or are they finding ways to manage customer workloads in public clouds? That was a hot debate during an MSP gathering that ChannelE2E Editor Joe Panettieri attended yesterday. Most folks in the room see public cloud coming on strong, despite some of the challenges I mentioned above. We’ll be watching to see how Cloudistics engages partners with its private cloud alternative.

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