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5 Channel Partner Updates: 26 Oct 2015

Page 2 of 2: Today’s top channel partner updates, continued:

7. IT Guru Finds Calling: Lots of IT service providers and MSPs say they specialize in vertical markets like health care or financial services. Joe Axne, owner of IT Guru in Denver, goes a step further. For the past three years, IT Guru has focused on Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals. Working with guides like Ant Farm, Axne is creating a sustainable business serving a sector that’s close to his heart.

6. Google Apps for Education – Reality Check: It sounds like Google Apps for Education now supports 50 million students and teachers, and Chromebooks now support 10 million students. But… be careful with those figures. In our school district, a few dozen Chromebooks are shared by hundreds of students. So perhaps the actual number of Chromebooks used by schools is lower than the media realizes.

Sean Lorenz

Sean Lorenz

5. Internet of Things Guru Leaves LogMeIn: Sean Lorenz, formerly director of IoT market strategy for LogMeIn’s Xively, has left the company to launch Senter — a stealth digital health and IoT startup focusing on better health in the home, according to his LinkedIn bio.

4. Small Businesses Too Dependent on Founders: Nearly half of Scotland’s small businesses would implode within a year if their founder left, and nearly one-third would not survive more than a month, according to a survey by Network ROI. I suspect the same stats would hold true in the United States. Stay tuned for more reports soon on succession planning.

3. Data Center Availability: How do you take the backup, disaster recovery and business continuity discussion to the next level? Perhaps you should steal a page from Veeam, which will host its VeeamOn conference this week in Las Vegas. The event is positioned as “the world’s premier data center availability event.” MSP-friendly companies like eFolder will definitely be on hand…

2. Internet of Things and Analytics: The global IoT analytics market is expected to grow from $4.8 billion in 2015 to $16.3 billion by 2020, — a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.4% percent.

1. Technology Services M&A: Take a close look at the latest data around mergers and acquisitions and you’ll discover the hottest sector for M&A is… technology services, according to FactSet.

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