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5 Channel Observations: 16 Oct 2015

Page 2 of 2: Today’s top channel partner updates, continued:

7. Sounds Unlikely: Several private equity firms, as you may recall, may consider making a takeover bid for SolarWinds. Now the potential twist: Two sources suggest SolarWinds may spin off or sell off its N-able business as part of the parent company’s current strategic review. I find the rumor doubtful since SolarWinds has been buying technology to round out N-able’s portfolio. The latest addition involves N-able’s remote control software.

6. Red Hat’s IT Automation Push: Red Hat has acquired Ansible, an IT automation company that focuses that strives to simplify how businesses manage DevOps, hybrid clouds, OpenStack and software containers like Docker. We’re watching to see how Ansible’s partner network integrates with Red Hat’s channel strategy.

Liz Lederer5. After Kaseya: Former Kaseya Channel Chief Liz Lederer is now senior VP of channel partners and programs at Covertix — which develops data protection and security solutions. We’ll be watching for channel partner milestones…

4. Customers Demand Amazon MSPs: Roughly 40% of AWS customers already use a third party or partner to help manage AWS, however there are services they are not getting from their current providers that they would like to have, including Backup and Restore (50%), Systems Security and Systems Admin (35%), and AWS Monitoring, Alerts and Escalations (27%), according to Connectria.

Phillip Liu3. Cloud Monitoring: Keep a close eye on SignalFx, a startup that offers a range of cloud and application monitoring services — particularly for Amazon Web Services. CTO and Co-Founder Phil Liu described the SignalFx strategy to me yesterday. We’ll recap the conversation in our next ChannelE2E Podcast (Episode 048, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015).

2. Data-Driven Help Desks: Only 5 percent of Mac users within IBM need help desk support, compared to 40 percent of PC users, according to Apple Insider. Admittedly, I don’t know if that data is based on monthly, quarterly or annual help desk inquiries. But the simple logic: If you’re an MSP charging the same fee for Mac and Windows support, your margins are likely far better on the Mac side of the house…

Wendy Bahr1. Cisco Channel Chief: Wendy Bahr sees three major opportunities for channel partners in the months ahead. They involve services, software and security. But that’s not all. In a wide-ranging interview with ChannelE2E yesterday, Bahr described her first 90 days as Cisco’s global channel chief — and the road ahead for Cisco and its channel partners. We’ll publish complete details soon.

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    Ken Thoreson:

    Great read…always good insights into our world. loved the calendar…

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Ken: Thanks so much for visiting ChannelE2E and for all the insights you also share with us on Facebook, etc. Yesterday marked one month since ChannelE2E’s official launch. We’re having a ton of fun… but we also know we’ll need to work hard to keep current readers engaged while bringing new readers into the conversation.

      Thanks again for stopping by. The door will always be open for you.


    Jay McBain:

    If the 5 observations are always in the 13+ range, when do we rebrand the daily update? 🙂

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Jay: You’ve just stumbled onto our secret strategy to…

      1. Under promise and over deliver.
      2. Train SEO and readers to always look for the same headline. Daily.
      3. Shamelessly solicit comments from market influencers like you.


    Ken Totura:

    I’m finding myself reading CHANNELe2e everyday. Love the focus of the story briefs and like Thoreson, the Event Calendar is awesome. Note: when Channel Religion trains its vendor partners on channel beliefs and guidelines, we include a slide on channel news sites: CHANNELe2e is now part of that list! Keep up the good work.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Ken: Thanks so much for the kind words. And just to keep things in perspective, I just responded to a few emails that contained a healthy dose of constructive criticism. (My way of conceding: We’ve still got plenty of room for improvement.)

      Please send me an email. I’d like to learn more about Channel Religion’s mission, strategy, etc., and share that info with our readers.


    Charlotte Andrade:

    Excellent website, I love the variety of topics and the list structure. I can know about Star Wars trailers and women in technology all in the same place! 🙂

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Charlotte: We look forward to sharing the Episode IX trailer… soon…

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