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5 Channel Partner Observations: 22 Sept 2015

6. Big Data Security Opportunity: As channel partners begin to look at big data opportunities like Hadoop and NoSQL, keep in mind that another big opportunity involves securing those applications and storage systems. All of the major Hadoop and NoSQL vendors have focused on compliance and security enhancements over the past few years. The latest move involves Cloudera, a Hadoop provider, which just launched an expanded Center for Security Excellence.

Apple Watch OS2

5. Apple Drives Forward: Apple apparently is accelerating plans to deliver an electric car in 2019. With so many moving parts, can Apple really maintain its brand quality on wheels? Hmmm… Separately, WatchOS 2 — the worst operating system name since IBM OS/2 — just arrived for Apple Watch. Memo to perennial early adopter and  ChannelEyes CEO Jay McBain: Is WatchOS 2 any good?

4. Best Paying IT Certifications: In case you missed it, here are the 10 top paying technology certifications. Of course, simply earning a certification doesn’t guarantee a raise or a pay grade. But it does help to position you vs. high-earning peers in the market.

Continuum Navigate
3. Continuum Navigate 2015:
The conference is next week in Las Vegas. Yes, I’ll be there. Thank you to the Continuum team for the invite. Looking forward to an overall MSP industry update from CEO Michael George (pictured). If you’d like to potentially meet at the show please email me (

2. And Then…: A day after Navigate in Las Vegas, I’ll surface Sept. 30 in New York for Strata+Hadoop World. I’m set to meet with several of the major Hadoop providers…. seeking specific updates on their Hadoop channel partner programs.

Jeff Aden1. Join Me Tonight: Our next ChannelE2E podcast (Episode 047) will feature Jeff Aden, co-founder and executive VP of 2nd Watch. The company is a “new breed” of channel partner focused on Amazon Web Services, Docker containers and plenty more. The big question: Does a consulting firm like 2nd Watch really need to raise money to offer cloud migration services? And if so, is the money being used for special sauce intellectual property and tools that rival cloud consulting firms lack? Fingers crossed, we expect to interview Aden today and will have the conversation ready for you at 9:01 p.m. ET tonight. Find all of ChannelE2E’s current and archived podcasts here.

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    M. Johnson:

    Love the daily format and I’m watching to see how you apply mid-market coverage to the site. Will you be speaking at Continuum or Connectwise events?

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey M. –

      Thanks for your early readership. Can you share any background about you/your company?

      Our midmarket coverage will receive regular updates on our homepage, no doubt. We realize all channel partners won’t “go” midmarket. But we’ll definitely serve those who are in that sector. Plus, we look forward to gathering some best practices in the midmarket, and then seeing if/how they apply to smaller customer engagements.

      Thanks again for your readership.

    Jay McBain:

    Great format – this will be on my morning must-read list!

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Jay: Always good to hear from you. Gotta ask: Now that you’ve owned Apple Watch for a few months… would you recommend the purchase to others? Also, did you give WatchOS 2 a try yet? …

    Nancy Moore:

    Do you have a list of conferences you plan to attend in 2016 or at least in the first quarter of 2016?

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your note and readership. Do you mind me asking what company you represent? I have not yet looked at my potential 2016 travel schedule. But you can check ChannelE2E’s technology event calendar for a complete list of partner summits and conferences that serve the IT channel.

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