Tata Communications, Bankers, OneCall Sue iYogi for Combined $1.77 Million

Bankers Warranty Group Inc., OneCall Ltd. and Tata Communications (America) Inc. have each filed suit against iYogi, and their cases seeking a combined $1.77 million from the IT service desk provider, ChannelE2E has learned. Those legal moves, coupled with previously reported lawsuits from Washington State and Argo Marketing, raise new questions about iYogi’s status as an ongoing business.

According to legal documents reviewed by ChannelE2E, the following lawsuits have been filed against iYogi since February 1, 2016:

  • Feb. 2: OneCall alleged breach of contract and is seeking $375,583 from iYogi. The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.
  • Feb. 18: Bankers Warranty Group alleged breach of contract, breach of implied duty of good faith and fair dealing, intentional misrepresentation, quantum meruit, and unjust enrichment. The company is seeking judgment against iYogi for at least $238,791 plus various fees. The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.
  • March 14: Tata Communications  (America) Inc. alleged that iYogi failed to pay numerous telecom invoices. As of January 10, 2016, iYogi owed Tata $1.154 million plus late charges and additional fees, the service provider alleged. Tata is seeking to recover that figure and various fees. The suit was filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

iYogi: Initial Defense, Then Silence

ChannelE2E does not know the current status of each lawsuit, nor have we successfully contacted iYogi. We’ve reached out to the company multiple times in March and have not received a reply. We’ve also reached out to attorneys representing Bankers Warranty Group, OneCall and Tata Communications, seeking additional comment.

As of March 3, Washington State was still awaiting a reply to its lawsuit against the company, which was filed in December 2015. Supporting Washington State’s Attorney General, Microsoft launched a vocal attack against iYogi at the time of the lawsuit, alleging that the IT support provider scams consumers.

In response to the initial controversy, iYogi maintained that the company offers reputable IT support services that millions of consumers and businesses depend upon. Since that time, the company apparently has gone silent about the legal matters, and hasn’t replied to ChannelE2E’s request for comment.

iYogi Customer Support Lines: Still Operating?

Meanwhile, numerous readers have contacted ChannelE2E, alleging that iYogi is not honoring their support contracts, and claiming the company’s telephone support lines are unresponsive.

ChannelE2E will continue to update its coverage as the legal cases potentially wind their way through the court systems. We will also continue to reach out to iYogi for comment.


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    Henry Ahlstrom:

    iYogi has repeatedly failed to honor my tech support as well as hardware contracts with them. Is there a class action lawsuit in progress against iYogi?

    Henry Ahlstrom

      Joe Panettieri:

      Henry, I have reached out to several attorneys involved in lawsuits vs. iYogi asking that very question. To the best of my knowledge not class action lawsuit exists at the present time.


        Just one more iYogi user and had been for several years…it was only in the last 10-14 months that I would have to sit on hold FOREVER waiting for a tech to help with my problem. Why is nobody filed a Class Action–they have taken money from all of us and are in breach of contract and they have not filed for bankruptcy. I don’t know what the holdup is, there is usually a “sign-up” page for a Class Action but so far nothing. I am not out as much as some people, but still it makes me angry. They had a pretty good thing going–but they should have stuck to what they knew–which was — FIXING COMPUTERS–and stay away from sales!! I would love details on a Class Action but have submitted complaints to BBB and the Attorney General. I’l watch for new info.

        Bill Connelly:

        I still have 3years left on my 5 year contract. Please keep me informed of any action being taken. Thanks.


      I also have purchased iyogi’s tech support with there Tech Genie and just found out they are out of business. I have until 2020 left on my current contract would like to get something back from them if at all possible. Was wondering if anyone heard of Tech Club are they and iyogi one in the same?


    Thanks for all your reporting on this, Joe. The shame iYogi used to be a quality service. I’ve used them for years. A couple of years ago it started to become all about making sales, like time-share-condo level pressure — ridiculous stuff, like my computer would contract viruses if I didn’t buy Microsoft Word (from them, of course). Last September I extended my one-year subscription to five years for a nice discount, I thought, $389.99. My one-year didn’t expire until February. In November I called for help and was told I had no active subscription, even though I had receipts. The tech said I should buy another one-year subscription to get my computer working, then settle it with billing support. I smelled a scam and refused. I’ve been trying since mid-December to get my $389.99 back. I’ve been told six times I would receive it 8 to 10 business days. I have filed a complaint with my attorney general’s offices in New York and Colorado and with the BBB in New York. Took about 10 minutes each online. I’ve also set up a Google alert for any news of a class-action lawsuit. I suggest others do the same. Oh, I also found out that iYogi hasn’t had a registered agent in Colorado since 2013, which means they’re operating in this state illegally — something else iYogi needs to explain, though I suspect it’s circling the toilet bowl as a going entity.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Joey: We continue to track the story and will have some updates to share this week (March 25-April 1). Stay tuned and thanks for your readership. Please let us know if/how you solve your support challenges.


    iyogi is doing scams from a long time. they are not even paying to their employees. they have started doing frauds and charging active customers again and again to maintain the cash flow. and this company will shut down very soon. so i would request the existing customers to call iyogi and speak to customer services and get their money back asap. these words are from an ex employee.


    Hi joe this side hitesh if you want to get the knowledge in depth about internal activities as well to make your case more strong email me.

    Doug Parker:

    How do you set up a Google alert for any news of a class-action lawsuit. I am in the same boat.

    Jack Peregoy:

    It appears I have been scammed as have many others. I have been a customer of Yogi for several years and their service was quite good until the last few months when it has been non existent. I have a contract for service through 2019 but can not get a response from them.

    Helen Jumpeter:

    I cannot contact iyogi. I have services with them, paid ahead of time, and cannot get any help from iyogi. I am from Pennsylvania. I am going to contact the PA attorney general, and see if it can go after iyogi. This used to be a good company.

    Judy Burzynski:

    I have had I yogi for years and they have always helped me but have paid them a lot of money. Now I have a problem and have tried to reach them for two weeks with no luck

    Joe Panettieri:

    Just a quick update: Multiple readers have asked if a class action lawsuit against iYogi has emerged. As of June 1, 2016, ChannelE2E has heard rumors about such a lawsuit but found no hard evidence that it existed.

    darren mckenzie:

    I too am waiting for class action, any details would be helpful cant reach them so please let me know where this goes.

    Douglas Galgano:

    I too am waiting for class action, any details would be helpful cant reach them so please let me know where this goes.

    Jean Shea:

    I got taken for over $300 and later hacked when my husband allowed remote access. A couple weeks later, I received a call from someone claiming to be iYogi. They knew my correct account number and email. I asked them to tell me what company they use to process payments and they said they do it themselves. I disconnected the call as I am not convinced it was really them. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

    Bianca Marcuccino:

    Good Afternoon, I have been a member of iYogi since 2006. This company will not answer my phone calls anymore, for the last 8 months. I am a widow, they have taken me to the cleaners financially. I have two protection plans with them, please see below. I have been taken for almost 1,000.00.

    Iyogi Exclusive Fds plan 5 years : 29/01/2019 (I paid 179.99 per year)

    Techgenie Absolute 3 years : 31/03/2018 (I paid 179.99 per year)

    Dolores Y Nesmith:

    I too have been using Iyogi for the last ten years and had a contract for five years, however I paid almost 500.00 for three computers and tech genie for five years. I tried to reach them when I had a problem and could not. I also would like to be updated about any suits going against them.

    George W. Beatty-:

    Please add me to any class action notification list. I had two years left on a three-year service contract when I discovered recently that iyogi is no longer in business.

    GW Beatty
    Denver, CO

    Phyllis Haynes:

    I am among the rest of you. Have used snd trusted iyogi for many years and sick it has turned out this way. Add me to complaints. Sorry I didnt see this sooner.

    Lorne Henry:

    I just discovered today that I cannot contact iYogi. I had ‘checked’ through my computer (I thought) and it went on for over 8 hours so I closed it down thinking I’d come back later and do a ‘short check’. Now I get no reply to phone numbers either customer service or technical support. I would have been nice to have been advised.

    Joe Smith:

    Same for me as George W. Beatty above. They took our money and played us like a harp. Everyone who reads this should make sure that they have established a strong anti-virus as I learned last week that mine was no longer active due to iYogi shutting it down after only one year of a three-year contract.

    Someone attempted to get into my bank account, from iYogi, after that. Had to freeze my account and open a new one. Also, had to get a new credit card as they attempted to make charges in the thousands. However, fraud alert caught them.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: To summarize the comments above and ChannelE2E’s reporting…
    1. Several lawsuits against iYogi had reached default judgments as of December 31, 2016. That means iYogi has been ordered to pay plaintiffs in multiple cases.
    2. Scores of ChannelE2E readers have communicated alleged concerns about iYogi’s business practices.
    3. iYogi has been non-responsive to ChannelE2E’s requests for comment.
    4. Comments on this blog entry are now closed. If you have additional questions/comments/updates about iYogi please email me.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    [email protected]