SolarWinds Buys LogicNow: Two RMM Platforms, One Roof?

When SolarWinds confirmed the LogicNow acquisition today, many MSPs started wondering how SolarWinds would handle two RMM (remote monitoring and management) platforms going forward. The first RMM platform is from SolarWinds N-able. The other is from LogicNow. Those products and others will be available under a new roof called SolarWinds MSP.

But will one of the RMM platforms eventually die? Will SolarWinds force MSPs to migrate from one RMM offering to another? We went searching for answers and found a few.

According to SolarWinds: The company has no current plans to sunset any of the acquired LogicNow products. And on the sales front, it sounds like SolarWinds plans to maintain current support services for the short term.

“Where we currently have 24/7 customer support this will be maintained and we will be looking to extend this in areas in which it is not currently offered,” SolarWinds said. “Our support channels via phone, chat and in-product case submission will remain the same, as will our support contact numbers. Customers will still be served by the same account managers as they are at present. We will advise customers should there be any future changes.”

Of course, there are numerous ways to interpret SolarWinds’ statements. Near term it’s clear that SolarWinds has no plans to turn off LogicNow’s RMM platform. But long term, I believe MSPs should plan carefully before they adopt LogicNow’s RMM offering.

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    Brendan Cosgrove:

    You don’t buy a competitor to compete with yourself.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Brendan: I suspect the SolarWinds MSP strategy on RMM will be somewhat akin to Microsoft’s classic Windows 95/Windows NT Workstation strategy. Attack the low- and high-end of the markets with dedicated products. Then unite them at some point… Just a hunch. We’ll share more thoughts later today as we continue our reporting.



        Obviously picking the best features from each is one approach but frankly I don’t know enough about the respective app architectures to know if thats feasible. Typically underlying architecture gets neglected and piecemealed in favor of marketing and sales demands. Examples are everywhere in the software world, even and especially with Solarwinds MSP closest competitors.


    Just look what they did with the most promising competitor in recent times, Beanywhere Insight. They bought it and it suddenly disappeared. Sad!

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Michael: That product was rebranded as SolarWinds N-able MSP Anywhere in October 2015. More recently, SolarWinds’ JP Jauvin specifically mentioned MSP Anywhere to me around the late January/early February 2016 timeframe. Let me know if ChannelE2E overlooked any facts in its coverage of MSP Anywhere.


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