Repeat After Me (Again): VARs, Resellers Need PSA Software

Sometimes you’ve gotta repeat yourself — a lot — for a message to sink in. A case in point: Thousands of VARs still think PSA (professional services automation) software can’t benefit their businesses. Sadly, they’re mistaken.  Indeed, PSA isn’t just for MSPs that thrive on recurring revenue business models. PSA can certainly benefit VARs and resellers, too.

Core PSA software typically includes project management, CRM and other capabilities that can:

  • plant seeds for new customer engagements;
  • optimize your staff utilization rates;
  • track existing customer engagements and IT consulting gigs — even one-time engagements.

The net result? When deployed and used properly, PSA can improve a reseller’s overall profitability — even if top-line revenue growth or recurring revenues aren’t priorities for the company. Or as I like to state it: PSA is like an ERP system for any type of IT service provider.

VARs, Resellers Need PSA Software: This Sounds Familiar

Some guy who closely resembles me has been banging the drum for reseller PSA adoption since about 2010. Hmmm… That guy has since moved on — disappearing into the shadows of the night. Ahem. But I haven’t. I’m still on my soap box, telling resellers and VARs that they need PSA software.

The message is starting to sink in. For instance, major Cisco Systems resellers and midmarket IT consulting firms have embraced PSA options like FinancialForce. And companies like ConnectWise are simplifying their branding and messaging to engage all types of technology service providers — including VARs and resellers. Heck, we even list 20 PSA options — from Autotask to Workday PSA — that may potentially benefit MSPs and VARs.

But old myths die hard. And it this case, the myth that PSA is only for MSPs needs to die — once and for all.

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    Larry Walsh:

    Should we debate this openly or wait until we bump into each other at the dry cleaners again?

      Joe Panettieri:

      Readers: For those who missed our first trip to the dry cleaners, here are the details.

      Larry: This time around, I’m thinking a shouting match at an IT conference registration line might turn a few heads. We can plan it out over coffee or a beer the night before.

    Jim Barnet:

    Hi Joe:

    I’ve always enjoyed Larry Walsh’s perspective, although I don’t always agree with it (a few years ago we actually helped Larry get a photo opp with his Rush band idols, but there’s no question Pink Floyd is by far a superior band), but his perspective always makes me think.

    On this particular topic, I’m not sure I’d see what defensible counter argument there would be for a VAR, Reseller or MSP, for not having PSA software. Because the next question is “what’s the alternative”?

    Most tech solution providers support growth one piece of business software at a time. They start with accounting software, then add stand alone Contact Management or CRM software, then Help Desk automation and as projects get bigger, Project Management software, along with a patchwork of Word documents and spreadsheets for collecting and reporting information from the different systems. Procurement and Inventory often stay in the Accounting system. At Promys PSA we refer to this as the “Frankenstein” approach to building out their business software.

    This Frankenstein approach causes users to have to re-key information between disconnected business software programs, send e-mail and leave voice mails between departments and write things on pieces of paper that may or may not eventually get re-keyed into one of the software applications. This causes delays, mis-communication and mistakes and that negatively impacted efficiency, customer satisfaction and company profitability. And most importantly, it doesn’t scale very well.

    Versus PSA software which essentially replaces all those disconnected systems with one enterprise solution, which provides real time visibility across the business, along with the structure to implement and enforce best practices which allows the business to scale much more efficiently and effectively.

    That it would somehow seem like a good idea to stay with “Frankensteined” business software, instead of moving to PSA software seems a little bit like the argument about global warming (or Rush being a better band than Pink Floyd). The people on that side of the argument are probably well intentioned, they’re just mis-informed ; – )

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