How Much Is My $5 Million MSP Business Worth? The Math…

Hi Folks: Paul Dippell alerted me about an error in the article. I’m speaking with Paul and hope to post a corrected article in the next few days. In the meantime I didn’t want to leave you all with a dead link wondering where the content went. Stay tuned. When this page is updated we’ll Tweet it and include it in our newsletter.


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    Peter Briden:

    Hi Joe… I appreciate your thought provoking articles. Your point here is on target and margins are a major success factor. I would like to share that in my opinion, margins are a bi-product of ones goals and not the goal itself. In a traditional SMB MSP, goals are about driving principles that create efficiency and value for all stake holders (clients, staff, vendors, and companies). Choosing and executing on the right goals will create value for all and the bi-product of higher margins.

    To qualify my comment, I ran (and sold in 2014) a $4.5M, 30+% EBITDA MSP.

    Bonus thought, a well run, high margin company allows for excess profits to be invested outside the company. This personal wealth outside of the company reduces the need for an exit transaction to completely fund the next stage of life.

    Thanks again for all the great articles.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Peter: Thank you very much for your readership, and for the stats. Feel free to email me directly. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk more about the biz you sold — and what you’re doing now.

      [email protected]

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