Kaseya R&D, Key Hire Drive Cloud, Network Monitoring Push

Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan

Kaseya has bolstered its R&D and made a key hire to accelerate Traverse — a hybrid cloud and network systems monitoring platform that will ultimately extend from on-premises devices to Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure, ChannelE2E has learned.

With an eye toward larger MSP engagement opportunities, Kaseya has rehired Andrew Morgan in a sales capacity for Traverse, the company has confirmed to ChannelE2E. Morgan is one of the MSP industry’s best-known influencers, having previously held key positions at LogicMonitor, TruMethods and ConnectWise. He also worked at Kaseya during some of the company’s best growth years (2008-2010).

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola has spent recent months reaching out to a range of former Kaseya leaders, speaking with them about potentially returning to the company, sources close to the business say. And in many cases, the roles involve management positions outside of Kaseya’s core VSA software platform for MSPs. Voccola himself joined the company in July 2015, and he’s largely credited for stabilizing the business, which had stumbled quite a bit amid intense competition, an ownership change and a previous CEO change.

Kaseya Traverse: Hybrid Cloud Management Investments

While most external eyes focus on Kaseya’s RMM and PSA offerings for MSPs, the company has quietly grown its R&D headcount in other areas — including the Traverse business.

Mike Puglia

Mike Puglia

Kasaeya acquired the Traverse technology amid the Zyrion buyout of 2013. Zyrion was best known for its network management capabilities but the Traverse platform now has major potential for hybrid cloud management.

Traverse gained Amazon Web Services management capabilities in mid-2016, and Microsoft Azure support is on the roadmap — though the company hasn’t officially disclosed a launch date for that capability. “If Amazon is the Number One cloud in our market, then Azure is One A,” said Chief Product Officer Mike Puglia. “So you can imagine where we’re heading next.”

Traverse is designed to automatically monitor customer work loads — on premises or in the cloud — even if they’re spun up or wound down. In other words, each time a customer spins up a new AWS service, Traverse can already be set to monitor it. The MSP, therefore, doesn’t have to manually define what needs to be monitored, according to Rajib Rashid, VP of product management.

Traverse can also monitor a range of network, storage and compute hardware from Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, HP Enterprise, Juniper and more.

Kaseya sees Traverse as an ideal platform for midmarket MSPs and large network service providers. The company also expects Traverse MSPs to build “co-managed” relationships with end-customers that want to outsource some or all of their network management capabilities.

Kaseya Traverse and VSA: Integration Coming

Overall, the R&D team has shifted to a DevOps mindset. Each product or service (Traverse, VSA, etc.) has its own development team. But updates and delivery cycles now have the same cadence across multiple products, meaning that it’s easier for Kaseya to build integrations between its products, Rashid. (Rivals are taking a similar R&D approach, by the way.)

Rajib Rashid

Rajib Rashid

With that thought in mind, the company says MSPs should expect Traverse and VSA integrations to emerge, though I don’t think an official delivery date has been announced.

Overall, it sounds like Kaseya is finally applying ample resources to Traverse — though we don’t know for sure since we don’t know exact past or present Traverse headcount figures. Depending on the company’s execution, Traverse could allow Kaseya to push beyond traditional PSA and RMM conversations with existing MSPs. The bigger Traverse opportunity, I suspect, involves the company potentially working with larger network service providers and cloud service providers that need mission-critical workload and network monitoring.

Still, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Kaseya’s business is in better shape today than it was a year ago. But competition remains fierce across the MSP and IT service provider software markets. And dozens of tools now exist for AWS and Azure cloud management.


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    Max Pruger:

    Congratulations to Morgan. I had the pleasure to work with Andrew during the Kaseya growth years and was always impressed with his professionalism and work ethic. I’m also encouraged to hear about Kaseya standardizing on their development cadence and efforts to integrate their product lines. Sounds like Fred and the rest of the management team at Kaseya are continuing to do the right things.

    Max Pruger

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Max: Thanks for the note. We’re on the same page. As we were building ChannelE2E, Andrew always provided timely feedback on where the channel and MSPs where heading — especially in terms of midmarket trends. We’re curious to see how he influences the Traverse business. And we’ve also heard additional examples of “former” Kaseya employees who have rejoined the company. Stay tuned as we potentially share those stories…


    John Morris:

    Great article Joe! Always good stuff. As a Kaseya partner we’re excited to watch the impressive changes and improvements within Kaseya’s organization. We’re happy to see all the forward thinking and diversity that is taking place with the products. We find many of the strategies and direction inspirational which gives us a great deal of optimism in regards to the future of Traverse and the IT Complete business model. Spark Alliance, Inc. find ourselves constantly pushing towards the future with our products and services to keep in alignment with the customer needs and future market demands. One of our core focuses is the hybrid infrastructure management and more specifically the security of this architecture. We spend a great deal of time educating customers and our partners about the security implications and data protection models that need to exist when people incorporate cloud services or any off premises business data and outsourced services.

    The component I would draw attention to is the need for centralized security solutions that scale in this constantly evolving landscape of ransomware, breaches, exploits, etc. Data is paramount and the ability to protect that data offensively and defensively needs to have a strong presence in our opinion. There is a strong market for Business Continuity… and Disaster Recovery is a strong proven component… however the needs for centrally managed, scale-able security solutions continue to be a need in our market. Real time, multi-layered, early detection and awareness solutions have existed for a long time and yet the ability to have some variation of a multi-tenant platform that works well to scale continues to be a limited set of product or service options in the mid level market. We envision Traverse as a platform and framework that can layer security services across the hybrid infrastructure mesh and provide early detection and defense using a proactive multi-layered security services approach.

    I can personally see how this model and the full set of products will drive the potential for success with the mid level market MSP’s. We can see the ability to start filling the voids that exist for SMB’s that don’t want to buy in directly to the large service providers due to the lack of personal attention to the customer’s business needs. The strength of scaling the Kaseya platforms supported by a direct consulting partnership with our customers allows a strong mid level service provider market alternative for SMB customers to align themselves for their future success. We look forward to the continued development of Traverse and what looks to be a road map filled with features that will allow the ability to manage the ever evolving hybrid infrastructures that need to be protected and are clearly here to stay for years to come.

      Joe Panettieri:

      John: Thanks for pulling the curtain back a bit on your business, and describing why you’re leveraging Kaseya. Please keep us posted as you continue to grow and evolve the company.

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