ConnectWise CEO Reveals Business, Financial Metrics

ConnectWise partners now support more than 6.5 million endpoints, and the company has grown to $243 million in annual revenues, CEO Arnie Bellini revealed during his IT Nation Connect 2018 keynote in Orlando, Florida.

Among the key ConnectWise business, financial and partner metrics Bellini shared:

  • Revenues: Company annual revenues have reached $243 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 percent.
  • Endpoint Management: ConnectWise partners manage 6.5 million endpoints.
  • Users: The company has 161,000 users
  • Partners (customers): 24,098 partners leverage ConnectWise’s sales, automation, management and remote control technologies.
  • Partners (technology):¬†215 companies now integrate with ConnectWise’s software.
  • SaaS Metrics: 95 percent billings retention and 67 percent gross margins.

Bellini didn’t mention if the annual revenue figure was a 2018 estimate or a 2017 end-of-year figure, nor did he mention profit figures.

MSP Pricing, Cybersecurity Frameworks, Technology As A Service Growth Metrics

Still, most of the statistics from his keynote focused more on partner opportunities — including:

We’ll share more key themes from ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2018 soon.

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