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Top 50 Technology Conferences 2019

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31. Red Hat Summit 2019 (May 07-09): IBM spent $34 billion to acquired Red Hat. All eyes will be on this conference, and Red Hat’s ability to remain nimble with partners and customers.

32. Robin Robins Sales and Marketing Boot Camp 2019 (March 5-8): One of the latest, best-known gathering of SMB partners focused on sales and marketing strategies.

33. RSA Conference 2019 (March 4-8): One of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the United States.

34.SaaStr 2019 (February 5-8): The conference typically attracts 15,000+ SaaS company founders, venture capitalists (VCs) and executives.

35. Salesforce Dreamforce 2019 (November 19-22): Likely the largest vendor-hosted SaaS business conference in the world.

36. SANS 2019 Cybersecurity Training Conference (Multiple Dates): A popular series of conferences focused on skills development and training.

37. SAP Sapphire Now 2019 (May 7-9): SAP’s flagship conference is more than an enterprise customer gathering. A major SME partner push will also continue.

38. ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 (May 5-9): One of the fastest-growing events for IT service management — attracting more and more MSPs along the way, particularly from the midmarket and enterprise sectors.

39. SMB TechFest (Multiple Dates): Hosted by Dave Seibert, SMB TechFest is a two-day channel partner and technology conference in Southern California. It’s held quarterly.

40. SolarWinds MSP Empower (Multiple Dates): The company’s flagship conference for MSPs. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

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    Great post 🙂 “Never stop learning” is such an important piece of career advice, and conferences are great places to learn new things and get updates on tech trends. Recently I read another article about 2019 tech conferences, but it was more focused on CTOs. Take a look, you may find it interesting!

    Karl Palachuk:

    Gotta say: Not sure how you picked some of these over ChannelPro. Overall true content + great vendor interaction + good regional audiences. By far one of the best groups of events in the channel. My 2 cents.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Karl: Thanks for weighing in. Generally speaking, we don’t include regional road shows. Rather, we focus on flagship annual events that pop up only once in a major geo (i.e., North America, EMEA, etc.). But we did include some regional stuff (example: ASCII), so that’s a natural example of where we could have kept ChannelPro in mind as well. We’ll be sure to do so for 2020.


    James Veritis:

    Thank you for sharing the list of conferences!

    Will it be possible to publish a post specific to ‘cloud technology’ conferences in the US market! We didn’t find one consolidated article on the web. Like me, there will be many of them looks for attending these conferences.

    Thank you once again!

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi James: Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a particular piece/segment of the cloud market that interests you?

    Regiane Folter:

    That’s an excellent list, thanks for sharing! A colleague published recently an article with some tips for defining which tech conferences to attend. You may find it interesting, take a look:


    Extremely comprehensive list, great stuff as always Mr. Panettieri!

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