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Continuum Navigate 2015: Day 2 Recap

Continuum Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM monthly releases continue — with integration, security and efficiency being the core focus this year. The big moves included WebRoot¬†security integration and Intel vPro remote management capabilities.

For 2016, the core functions (patching, scripting, ticketing, reporting) remain a big focus. Watch for support for network monitoring — firewalls, switches, routers, clouds and performance monitoring. On security, watch for a security dashboard plus potential encryption and compliance capabilities.

Continuum Help Desk

The focus for 2015 has been team, process and client experience. For 2016, investments will involve client experience (chat experience), more white label capabilities and reduced escalations sent back to clients.


Continuum will add capabilities for direct-to-cloud (without an on-premises appliance) with deeper cloud capabilities. Version 1.1 is on display at the show; it features instant restore and a new pricing model (I don’t have details).

Watch for video verify and Linux support in the near future, too, Continuum said.

Recap of additional sessions: Coming soon.

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