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Continuum Navigate 2015: Day 2 Recap

To describe where IT may go next, George pointed to Charles Darwin’s journeys in the 1800s — and the subject of natural selection. “We need to be prepared to survive and prosper or run the risk of extinction” in the age of the cloud, he added.

“We [MSPs and VARs] really haven’t broken away from hardware centricity” in the channel, he conceded. The statement set the stage for George to promote Continuum’s BDR solutions — Continuity247 — as an “onramp to the cloud and the onramp to your future.” He pointed to opportunities to leverage Microsoft Azure, Amazon Simple Storage Service and IBM’s cloud going forward.

Read between the lines and George is pointing to the day when MSPs move customer storage to public clouds because it won’t be cost effective to store the data in proprietary vendor clouds, he alleges.

The big picture: Move away from hardware-centric legacies and embrace the software- and cloud-defined world, and leverage economies of scale from Continuum, George asserted.

“Go west when others want to go east,” George said, pointing back to Columbus’s travels. “And then together, let’s shoot for the moon.”

Continuum RMM, NOC and BDR Roadmap

dee_zepfContinuum’s Dee Zept introduced two new executives focused on product (stay tuned for details). Then she transitioned to her┬átheme for the roadmap: exceptional service, simplicity and innovation.

  • Exceptional Service: The company is seeking to deliver more proactive monitoring and reduce MSP involvement in resolutions. Me: Not sure if machine learning or how analytics is leveraged here.
  • Simplicity: Easy to use, consistent UI design, and enhanced communication options are involved. Me: Curious to know what type of usability testing they’re doing.
  • Innovation: A lot of this area focuses on scalability across RMM, continuity, NOC and more.
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