Cisco Systems’ Wendy Bahr: Digital Transformation Arrives

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ChannelE2E: We’ve covered a lot of ground. But what ground did I miss?

Wendy Bahr

Wendy Bahr

Bahr: In addition to security and DNA being at the core of the network, I think the key topic is really about software. And it’s not just Cisco One. It’s not just OpenDNS. It’s Spark. It’s WebEx. And it’s the recurring revenue model.

If you listen to our earnings calls you know we’ve said that we’ll get to 38 percent to 40 percent of our revenues coming from software over the next few years. Recurring revenues, as our MSP partners have told us for a long time, are a real blessing because you get a pretty predictable book of business.

We’ve introduced new roles like Lifecycle Advisor and Software Integrator. We’ll talk about what we’re doing to enable our partners to really look at the journey past landing the deal. We really have to focus — collectively Cisco and our partners — back on that alignment message. And we need to be aligned on adoption, expansion and renewals. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity and profitability. We need to make sure what we sell generates the outcome by turning on the right capabilities. If we do it right then you get to expansion. You expand at renewal because you get a 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 times opportunity vs. the original 1.0 sale. And that’s good for everyone.

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Presenter to Know: Karen Walker, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer

You’ll hear us talk about core and DNA. That will be front and center. You’ll hear us talk about software — especially from the recurring revenue perspective. And you’ll hear us talk about security.

ChannelE2E: Fast forward to then end of the conference. What’s the call to action for partners?

Bahr: I want them to know: By continuing to partner with Cisco, the opportunities for profitable growth have never been greater.  Our commitment to them has never been greater. We’ll continue to focus on the principles of simplicity, alignment, and improving and evolving our value exchange. They need to know that securing a digital-ready network is not an “option.” It’s absolutely mandatory. And developing lifecycle services capabilities are going to help partners differentiate and compete. Digital transformation is happening right now.

Stay tuned for more. ChannelE2E will be blogging live from Cisco Partner Summit, seeking updates from the executive team on a range of additional topics including: Virtual networking, hyperconverged data centers, the end of so-called spin-ins, and coopetition.

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