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Cloud Services Brokerage Company List: Where Are They Now?

Here’s part four of my look back at CSBs I was watching around 2012… and how they position themselves in 2016:

31. The Rype Group: Founded in 2009, The company is an Australian Cloud Broker and SaaS integration training and support provider. These days, the company positions itself as a workflow and cloud integration specialist.

32. SaaSMax: an online SaaS application marketplace for channel partners. Still expanding.

33. SoftChoice Cloud: Softchoice launched its cloud offering in July 2012. We don’t know the current status or adoption rates.

34. Synnex CloudSolv: Positioned as a cloud services aggregator platform for VARs and MSPs a few years ago. Now promoted as a management and deployment platform.

35. Tech Data TDCloud: Originally pitched as a cloud services aggregator platform for VARs and MSPs. The distributor now emphasizes cloud education and cloud enablement services.

36. Verio: The hosting provider launched VerioCatalyst — a CSB platform — in August 2013. But check the web link and you’ll find that it’s a dead destination. Does the platform live on elsewhere? We’re checking.

37. VirtaCore: The company now positions itself as more of a cloud infrastructure provider.

Other Cloud Services Brokerages?

Of course, we’re tracking additional companies that “look and feel” like CSBs. But which companies are branding around the term these days? We’re all ears if you have more thoughts for us.

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