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Cloud Services Brokerage Company List: Where Are They Now?

Here’s part three of my look back at CSBs I was watching around 2012… and how they position themselves in 2016:

21. HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS: I believe HP Enterprise killed off this platform and launched HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker in its place.

22: Ingram Micro Cloud: Originally positioned as a cloud services aggregator; now better known as a master cloud services provider (CSP) that supports VARs and MSPs.

23. InfoSys: Introduced a Cloud Ecosystem Hub in mid-2012. We haven’t been able to track down its status.

24. IssalClaimed to be the No. 1 cloud services provider (CSP) in North Africa in 2012. The company’s website is still active, but the blog hasn’t been updated this year and we haven’t been able to confirm the company’s business status in 2016.

25. Liaison Technologies: Acquired the Hubspan cloud integration platform in 2012. We’re not sure of the current status.

26. Nephos NetworksClaimed to be the first cloud broker in Latin America back around 2012. Company’s Twitter feed hasn’t been updated since 2014.

27. Nephos Technologies: Positioned itself as a cloud services brokerage in the UK. Apparently sill around by we’re not sure if the CSB moniker is still in place.

28. Nervogrid (acquired): Purchased by ALSO Group in 2014. We don’t know the current status.

29. Nuvotera (acquired): Built by an MSP (inhouseIT) to help channel partners source and manage multiple cloud applications for customers. Launched in November 2013, Nuvotera formerly was Spam Soap. Acquired by J2 Global’s Excel Micro business (see No. 16) above.

30. Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace: Now simply known as the Rackspace Marketplace.

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