Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure: Gartner Cloud Rankings, IaaS Review

Amazon Web Services is slightly better than Microsoft Azure for public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a new Gartner report suggests. Indeed, AWS scored a 92 percent rating in the report, followed closely by Azure (88 percent) … with Google Cloud Platform only at 70 percent, the report concluded.

The public cloud rankings are based on 234 criteria items, which Gartner organizes into eight technical and non-technical categories:

  • Technical: (1) Compute, (2) Networking, (3) Storage, (4) Security and Access.
  • Non-technical: (5) Service Offerings,(6) Management and DevOps, (7) Service and Support Levels, (8) Price and Billing.

CIO Survey: Azure vs AWS Cloud Adoption

The Gartner report surfaces at a time when Microsoft Azure appears to be closing the competitive gap vs. AWS on several fronts. For instance, roughly 20 percent of CIOs say their businesses run AWS today. And roughly 10 percent indicate that their companies currently run Azure. But fast forward three years to 2019, and those same CIOs say their Azure adoption (31 percent) will slightly outpace AWS (about 29 percent), Morgan Stanley reports.

Both Microsoft and Amazon are working hard to train partners on their respective public clouds. Microsoft Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster explained the strategy in a June 2016 ChannelE2E podcast, co-hosted by CompTIA. Meanwhile, Amazon has been recruiting scores of MSPs to support AWS customer workloads.

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    Geeta Rawat:

    Could you tell me the Technical comparison ranking of these two (AWS & Azure) :
    Technical: (1) Compute, (2) Networking, (3) Storage, (4) Security and Access.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Geeta: Sorry but we don’t have those data points.


        Geeta: we have those data points

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